A Law You Think Is Good


        You should say :

what kind of law it is

when you first heard of the law

how the law is upheld

how you will alter the decision if you could


Although I believe that laws are made for the benefit of the citizens, but some of the laws out do others when it comes to advantages they provide. One such law is the helmet law which requires motor bike riders and cyclist to wear helmet. Often human is quite careless, but when a law is made and they are forced to do, they surely do. Wearing helmet has helped in reducing the deaths due to accident.

There was a report that came a few years back that the people dying of accidents have increased and the numbers were surely quite threatening. But then I heard of the law that people driving two wheeler must wear helmet. Even more a certain criteria for the helmet was made. Initially I thought may be this is also like so many laws, but I would say the way this law is enforced is incredible. Police men make sure that they catch anyone who breaks the law. Even more, the number of police men standing has increased, making it quite impossible to break the law. Even more there has been lot of awareness being created about the law, which has resulted in a decline in the number of deaths because of it.

If I had to change it a bit, I would like to bring in more awareness about it among kids and teenagers, because these days children from a very small age learn how to drive and their security much be considered.



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