IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card: Describe a party that you enjoyed.

IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card:

Describe a party that you enjoyed.

  • What was it about?
  • Where was it held?
  • What did people do at the party?
  • Explain what you enjoyed at this party?

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Sample Answer

Life has given me a lot of happiness and moments to celebrate with my near and dear ones. I have celebrated many happy moments by hosting parties for someone and attending other people’s parties as well.

I have attended many parties on different occasions in my life but the most enjoyable one was a party that I held to mark my elder sisters twenty-fifth birthday. It was a surprise party that I planned with the help of my mother. It was on the twenty-fifth of September last year, and I had started to plan it two days before. After my sister left for work in the morning I started decorating our garden and installing the setup including the tables and chairs. My mother started baking her favourite chocolate cake while I called all her friends and our relatives to the party in the evening. I then proceeded to order snacks and appetizers along with the beverages for the evening. The celebrations finally commenced and all the guests had arrived before she came. We welcomed her with the birthday song and hugs from everyone.

We all had an amazing time at the party. Everybody socialized, we played party games, danced and had a lot of fun throughout the evening. The best part was the fact that everyone was happy with the celebration and there were smiles all around me. My sister got gifts from everyone and was all smiles when I gifted her a necklace. She was spellbound and thanked me profusely for organizing such an amazing party.

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Sample Answer 2: 

Frankly speaking, I am not a party buff and usually attend only those parties wherein I know some people or there is something exciting going on. The party that I am going to talk about is the one I went to last year. It was my friend’s friend birthday bash and she invited all of us. Initially, I was fine with going there but later on my friend told me she cannot come along and I almost cancelled my plan, when my friend’s friend actually called and invited me again to come.

Hesitantly, I said a yes and I would say that was the best yes I had ever said. The party was in Rishikesh, a tourist spot in Uttarakhand, India. It was a night party and there were campfires, music, dance, games and a lot of interesting people. To my surprise, Anusha i.e. my friend’s friend knew a lot of people and had invited them all. And I met and talked to many interesting people that I might otherwise never have come across! This included the self-employed interior designer; marathon runners; entrepreneurs, writers. It was exciting to talk to them and find out how they are connected with the host.

Not only were the people great, but the food and other services were also fantastic. There were stalls of different kinds and one could eat whatever they wish. And it was really tasty food too!!

What’s more, I discovered that actually, I did know quite a few people there after all. I am almost won over. Next time she offers to host a party, I might even find myself looking forward to it, you never know.

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