Writing Task 2: Essay on celebrity endorsements

Writing task 2

Essay on celebrity endorsements
You should spend 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

It is common these days to see celebrities advertising different products.

Do the advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant example from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

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Sample Answer

Celebrity endorsement has become quite popular. Even mediocre brands are following this trend for promoting or launching a product. Certainly, product endorsement is a traditional and highly effective marketing strategy to spread brand awareness. Nonetheless, it also bears certain risks as well. In this essay I will discuss both advantages and disadvantages of celebrity branding.

To begin with the advantages of celebrities advertising for different companies, building trust is the main positive. A large number of people consider these celebrities as their role model and trust them. Therefore, they find a product authentic and acceptable if their favorite celebrity is advertising it. Furthermore, it becomes easier for the people to remember or recall the advertisement if a famous personality promotes it .

Looking at the other side of the argument, the predominant disadvantage is the cost involved in this promotional activity. Companies which are  able to spend a huge amount of money on advertisements care the biggest beneficiaries of this practice. On the other hand, financially incapacitated  companies cannot sign a celebrity to promote their brands. Hence, in spite of making quality products their business suffers. Sometimes, such marketing practices can adversely affect the goodwill of a company. I mean to say that negative publicity of the celebrity has a direct impact on the revenue of the company. Declining stardom of a public figure can bring a substantial drop in company’s overall sales.

Concluding both the sides, celebrity endorsement is indeed a powerful marketing strategy. It helps in market expansion. Moreover, it can  positively affect the perception and purchase intentions of the customers. I believe, the benefits in terms of trust and reliability outweigh any drawbacks.


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