IELTS Essay Sample Answer # More Than Book

You should spend 40 minutes on this task.

Some people believe that not everything that is learnt is contained in the book.

Give your opinion.

Write at least 250 words.


An old adage is that, “Books are our best friends”, however with changing times, an opinion that experience matters more has got floated. Although, no one can deny the importance of both in our lives, in my opinion, often experience takes the lead, when compared to books.

Books presents us true facts, history, subject matter expertise, story and knowledge that we need to evolve as a true human. It is only when we understand things around,that we are able to live a better life. However, life experiences teaches us lessons and give us the wisdom to understand life better and act in a more balanced manner.

Secondly, our brain needs to work else it gets junk i.e. one is not able to take better decisions. Books helps the brain to function. For instance, a person who is solving math problem develops reasoning skills that are important in daily life situations. On the other hand, experience instead of theoretically teaching, makes an individual understand situation better.

Even more, some knowledge could only be learned from books like the atmosphere of Mars but can never be experienced by a person. Whereas, experience assists us to become more socially active. Instead of studying materials in an isolated condition, for example in a library, we can meet more people by practicing more.

Overall, a person lives a better life when he/she has the perfect combination of great books and has learnt from the experiences of life.




  • The Importance of books can’t be expressed fully from a single writer’s point of view and it differs from a person to person on how they value it. But, it’s damn sure that the wholesome value can be grasped by the book readers.

    jack from Edubilla, Education portal

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