Group Discussion and Personal Interview (2 Months course)
Disguised unemployment is a growing concern in our country. It has risen over 2% in the past two decades. Every year around 90,00,000 students complete their graduation but only a fraction of them get placed with respect to their abilities. Even a graduate with a high GPA fails to get a job due to his poor performance in the job interview.
The major factors that make an interview go wrong are:

  • Lack of confidence shown by the candidate
  • Poor presentation skills
  • Candidate is unable to answer in the right language
  • Inappropriate etiquette and wrong approach towards questions
  • Candidate is unable to express his/her expectations regarding salary, allowances etc.

Recruiters or interviewers not only employ a person based on their education but also on the basis of their confidence level and presentation skills. They note every single detail during an interview. The famous proverb “The first impression is the last impression.” is the best advice that can be given to a person who is going through interviews.
Recruiters are heavily paid by the companies so that they rigorously test a candidate and do not let him know about what they are testing him for. For an interviewer the body language of the candidate conveys 90% of his answers. For example, a handshake is a measure of confidence level. A firm grip handshake conveys more confidence over a loose grip handshake.
There are many more secret techniques interviewers use for evaluating a candidate. Our course exposes all these secrets and covers every minute detail. The course would be conducted by faculties who have attended many miscellaneous interviews themselves and have interviewed numerous candidates. This gives you accounts of experiences from the best of both worlds.
Our course is aimed to provide with complete guidance on how to crack even the toughest interview. Mock interviews will also be conducted regularly to give the candidates an idea about the progress they made. Course materials would mainly consist of extraordinary interviews given by highly successful social figures. Ex-employees of Google, ISRO and global companies will also share their interview experiences.
So hurry up and grab your seats for the classes starting soon. Further details can be availed at our head office located at Ballupur Chowk, Dehradun.


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