IELTS Essay # modern technology is making people more/less social

IELTS Essay # modern technology is making people more/less social

Some people think that modern technology is making people more social, while others think that it is making them less social. Discuss both views and give your opinion.
Write at least 250 words and spend 40 minutes on this task.


Sample Answer

How modern technology is affecting people’s ability to socialise has become a debatable issue. With the advent of modern means of communication, we are becoming more alienated from the society. Some sections of the society argue in favour of this topic while others hold a negative view about it. In this essay, I will discuss both sides of this argument and give my opinion.
On one hand, means of telecommunication have evolved over the course of years. Most people these days have access to the internet. Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter etc have revolutionised the way we interact with each other. Features like chatting, sharing videos and commenting on each other’s post have brought people from different corners of the world together. Moreover, it is convenient to stay in touch with others and get to know of their well being without travelling from one place to another.
Other technological devices like Mobile phones have also made it easier to get in touch with one another. There are various features on our mobile phone like internet, messaging, emails etc that help us stay connected with loved ones around the globe. Unquestionably, all these services provided on the phone have made people more social.
On the other hand, in older days, people used to be less dependent upon technology and believed in having face to face conversations. This made individuals more apt to the society. Similarly, various studies have shown that through face to face interactions we are able to build stronger bonds and be more socially active. Mobile phones also confine us to a virtual environment and in many cases excessive use of such devices leads to psychological disorders like depression.
To sum up, the latest modes of communication are a boon to the society. Like any other advancements, modern technology has its pros and cons however, its benefits outweigh the drawbacks by a significant margin. (318 Words)


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