Things To Do IELTS Exam Day

Things To Do IELTS Exam Day:

Pressure can take away from you even the things that you very well deserve. Follow the simple advice on the day of the exam-:

1.Plan to arrive early at the test venue, may be half an hour. Sometimes it so happens that you may end up stuck in the traffic and get late. There would be nothing worse than reaching at the test venue irritated, mentally tired and flurried.

2.Fully concentrate on the part of the test that you are doing, it might be possible that you are weak in a certain part, don’t keep on worrying about it. The more you focus on the present task the better the future will be.

3.Use your time effectively. Remember, each question has its own time, don’t just waste the entire time answering a particular question and leaving behind the others. You might not get extra marks if the answer is done perfectly.

4.Always recheck the answers. Sometimes, you may end up making mistake, which if corrected could lead to increase in marks.
No matter how hard you have worked, no matter how hard the teachers along with you have worked, In the end it is between you and the exam. Go out put in your heart and win the battle.

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Fight Anxiety

If English is a second language to you, you may feel anxious, especially when the person you are talking to is a native speaker. How to remove this anxiety? But what is anxiety? The feelings that you get when your heart starts beating faster or you start to shake. You may feel nervous. This is anxiety. So, what should you do to get rid of this? Well, you can always follow the tips given below, but remember; just knowing what you should do is not enough. You need to actually inculcate them in your daily life to fight anxiety.

    1. Breathe-: Take a deep breath whenever you feel anxious. There are times when you are surrounded by people and you won’t like to do it. But, even in those times, try taking deep breathe; just make sure they don’t see you doing this. The heart that is beating fast calms down when you breathe. So, breathe when you feel anxious.

Walk-: Whenever you feel anxious, may be before a presentation or a meeting, take small walk. May be around your room. It can actually calm you down. By walking I don’t mean that you need to take hours of walk just to improve your speaking.

  • Automate Language-: You must have heard the old adage,” practice makes perfect”. Automate language means exactly that. When you practice something again and again, your brain starts doing it automatically for you. So, practice English. Practice the expressions, practice more till you start doing it automatically.
  • You need not to be perfect-: When you hear a native speaker, some of you may say wow, they speak so well. But the fact is they make a lot of mistakes. Mistakes in terms of grammar or vocabulary. No one is there to judge you harshly. It is okay to make mistakes as long as you are ready to rectify them or learn from them. Remember, you cannot be perfect on day 1.
  • Mantras-: Mantras are the words you say to yourself. For example, you could have a mantra like;” I am a good speaker”. So whenever you make mistake, say it to yourself. Repeat it again. Language is a powerful tool. You become what you say to yourself, because after all that is what you think. Speak positive to you, even in the times of negativity. Speak positive. Keep the flame of hope burning.


Anxiety is just a problem, and like all other problems it also has a solution. Solve it and live your dream.

Between Or Among

Have you ever wondered whether to use between or among? Are they the same or they different. Well, to begin with they are different.

Simple difference rule-: We use between when we are talking about two items and we use among when we are talking about three or more items. But there are some exceptions to this rule.
1.Between is used when we are talking about one to one relationships while among is used when we are talking about something in general. For example-: between usa, Canada and Australia I think Australia would suit me well for my abroad study. Here you are being specific. The particular universities are given.
Among all the countries I think Australia will suit me well for my abroad study. Since here we are talking about all the universities in general, among is used.

2.Whenever you find difference in a sentence use between. If you find distribute in a sentence use among.

3.Between is used when a specific path is known. For example-: india lies between Pakistan, china and Nepal. Among is used when we are more specific. For example-: I was walking among the trees.

4.Note-: between you and i. here it is not I, but me. So the sentence is between you and me. This is because between is a preposition.

Use between and among wisely. Remember, knowing just one rule is not enough you need to know the rule and its exceptions.


Relax Effectively While Preparing

You need not to prepare for IELTS consciously every time. It is not like winning a world war, wherein you need to be attentive 24/7. No. It is a little difficult exam, especially for the non-native speakers, but then all IELTS checks is whether you know English or not.

Does that mean you should relax 15 hours a day and then study four hours a day? It depends on your level of English proficiency. When I say relax, I mean relax effectively.

What do you do when you are tired of studying for IELTS? Take a walk? Or go to you tube and watch some videos. Instead of wasting your time in some videos that have nothing to do with IELTS or calling people whom you talk in your native language. There is a better option to relax.

Listen to English songs. You may say they contain slangs. Yes they do. What then? Listen to old English songs. It could be The Beatles. Learn their lyrics and try to sing them the way you sing your native songs.
This way you may be able to relax while still continuing with your preparation of IELTS.

You need to give it your all, to get something out of it. You actually need to breathe IELTS to get a good score. Remember, more the sweat shed in practice, less is the bloodshed in war.

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