IELTS Writing Sample Answer # Time With Grandparents

You should spend 40 minutes on this task.

In modern societies, grandchildren rarely spend time with their grandparents.

What do you think are the consequences of it?

Write at least 250 words.

Grandparents are fun to be with and they shower blessings and affection without wanting anything in return.  Sadly in today’s world where large families are disintegrating into nuclear ones, children miss out on spending enough time with their grandparents and remain off limits from that sweet shower of love that they could have otherwise enjoyed from their grandparents.

Spending little time grandparents can effect the growth of the child. Often parents don’t have time to spend with their children, in these cases, if one does not have the support of grandparents they tend to get mislead-ed in life. For instance, a child having no elder to tell the right and wrong is most likely to fall in trap of the wrong doers, often disturbing the life of an individual.

Secondly, grandparents provide the love and care to the child, required to form a positive image of the society. A child living in the absence of grandparents has little or no awareness about the culture and the family traditions. This often leaves them to live in a void. Example, often parents even know less about the culture and stories of family, if a child misses out living with grandparents they often don’t get to know about their family members and the bond between the family is never strongly formed.

Overall, in my opinion, grandparents provide the support and the care a child needs during the growing up days, missing out on which often leads them to live a life of void and deprived of the true meaning of family.





Reason For Attending College # Essay For IELTS

You should spend 40 minutes on this task.

Colleges are increasingly becoming important and more and more people are attending them for formal education.

What are the different reasons for attending colleges?


The importance of education cannot be understated and people mainly get enrolled in colleges mostly to achieve the necessary education and degree they require to get a job or to build a career. Although every individual has different reasons for attending colleges, there surely is for most of the people.

Colleges provide certifications and degrees that are helpful for individuals in getting the desired job. With the increasing competition, employers are have started taking degree as the first criteria and having a degree or certification from a better college opens up more doors for a better future.

However, some people go to college purely for knowledge and experience. For instance, world class universities like Harvard University and Cambridge provide excellent faculties and learning environment. This not only helps in the intellectual development but also improve the all round personality of the person.

Some people even go to colleges for the sake of status. Funny it may seem, but in today’s world the education of the person has become the status of the person and often people take up to university to increase their status.

Overall, attending colleges is of great benefits and does helps in both intellectual and over-all development of an individual. Although everyone has different reasons, but it is evident that more and more people are now looking forward to taking up an university course.


Delaying Child Birth # Essay For IELTS

You must spend 40 minutes on this task.

Nowadays, more and more decide to have children later. What are the reasons for it and what are the effects on society and people’s lives?

You should write at least 250 words.

In today’s world, many people have changed their minds and now prefer giving birth later in their life. This tendency can be seen frequently especially in many developed countries. Most of the people believe that it helps them to understand their partner better, before taking responsibility while for some it the time they can completely concentrate on their career.

The main reason is the living cost is very expensive these days and couples who have just lived for few years together are not financially very strong to support the offspring financially. Consequently, many people would rather wait until they get older and earn higher income and then they could be able to raise their kids easily. Secondly, there has been a considerable shift among people from raising a family  to making a career.

However, this tendency has brought about some negative impacts on the society and domestic life. Firstly, having children later can create a significant age gap between two generations. Parents, then have hard time communicating with their children, often creating family stress. Secondly, being elder mothers will have to face a high risk of physical issues in both the mother and the baby.

Overall, having a baby  later on, helps parents to contribute to the financial issue and create better careers for themselves, on negative side, it results in the wider generation gap and health concerns.


IELTS Essay Sample Answer # Cricket

Cricket has become far popular than the national sports in the sub-continental countries.

What do you think are the reasons behind it?


Cricket, traditionally an English sport, is becoming increasingly popular in  Australia, South Africa and Indo-Pak countries. But this popularity is highest evidently in the Indo-Pak sub-continent for commercial and historical reasons. Strange it might seems, but it is a fact that less than 10% people are interested in their national game while more than 90% people consider cricket as their passion in those countries.

The main reason for the popularity of the game is the exceptionally good performance of the teams, apart from this sport sub-continent teams do not have any presence in world arena. For instance, people tend to support a team in a game which they play well. Since, the sub-continent teams like India,Pakistan, Bangladesh play better in Cricket as compared to national games, the crowd tends to support them in Cricket.

The second important reason is the media attention that cricket enjoys, allowing them great endorsements and help the cricket stars to be constantly in the public eye. The cricket stars are taken as celebrities and any win in the field of cricket is regarded as huge and celebrated with pomp and show.

It is inevitable that people would participate in sports that they are good at, enjoy and has international renown and that’s why the national and traditional games which is scarcely known to the rest of the world have lost their popularity while the cricket has acclaimed its own rights to the people of this sub-continent area.


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