IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer # Important Day In Life

We all have some days in our lives that shape our next moments in life. These are the deciding days, the ones in which we either take special decisions or some important events occur in our lives. Let us today have a look at the cue card questions that might be asked related to important day in life.

Talk about an important day in your life.

You should say:

  • when this day was
  • where you were and what happened
  • if you were alone or with others

and explain why this day was important to you.

Sample Answer 1:

There are days we never remember and the ones that we never forget. I have had some memorable days in my life and the one that I believe changed lot of things about me or may be made way for better things to come up, was when I got a job as a blogger. Initially, I had some blogs of mine in which I wrote things here and there but I clearly remember wanting a job to be able to earn money and I was rejected outright from many jobs, because the ones that I was trying to were of English teacher.

The other day, I went for an interview for a job of English teacher, the person directly rejected me but while turning the pages of my resume, he noticed the name of my blogs. On asking if I write blogs, he instead of offering me a job as an English teacher gave me a job of a content writer for his blog and I have been writing for it since past two years. The reason the day is still important for me is because it marked on a new journey, a journey where I realized that hard work is the key to anything in life and the perseverance to go through those initial days is what makes you successful.

There are days when I just don’t understand anything and days when I feel like a loser, when I get problems I have never heard of and those are the days when I look back and say to myself that if I could write about something I did not had a clue about, I surely can do much better with things, at least I have an idea of. It was that job that helped me become more confident, bold and hard worker. It taught me that there are no excuses, if you want to achieve something, you go about and do that.

Sample Answer 2:

There surely are some important days in everyone’s life and the one that is still the most important day of my life is 4th January 2017. This was the day when I took the first step towards my career, the first step towards my future company. I had been thinking of opening a new venture where in I could teach people and it was on this day that I opened a recurring deposit for the company’s initial work.

It was an amazing day with lot of things happening here and there. I wanted to open the recurring deposit and was eagerly waiting for my salary but then my friend came up to me telling that the bank has got into some issues and won’t be able to transfer our salaries into our accounts. For a second, it was disgusting feeling, because I had been thinking too much about it and then it all came to me crashing down. i was feeling low and went out to have something. And while I was coming back entirely disappointed, something struck me and I went to the ATM to get some cash.

The moment I did the transaction, I was amazed at the amount it showed me. It clearly meant that I have got my salary and could open my recurring deposit. I rushed towards my laptop and opened the bank’s website. For the first time, it did not load but I tried again and it open. Finally, I was able to open a recurring deposit and the feeling was very amazing. It felt as if I had taken the first step towards shaping my future and I hope the day I will need the money, I will be able to use it for my business.


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