IELTS speaking task Cue card # Describe a book that influenced you?

IELTS speaking task Cue card

Describe a book that influenced you?

  • What that book was?
  • How you first heard of the book?
  • What is the main story of the book?
  • Why this book is important?


The book /novel that had a major impact and developed my interest in reading is ‘Wuthering Heights’ by Emily Bronte. It was published in 1840s, (1847 to be precise).Though many readers thought of it as a disturbing and a novel full of contradictions, I personally enjoyed every detail of it.

There’s a popular saying that there’s no friend as loyal as a book. Being a person of impatient and restless nature, I had the habit of not completing any book I started reading. It was when a teacher of mine recommended us to read the ‘Wuthering Heights’ while she was discussing about the Bronte sisters and Jane Eyre at a seminar.

The book is about a powerful love story of Heathcliff and Catherine, but it is very different from a typical love story as it follows the self-destructive way of Heathcliff and his vengeful nature due to his unrequited love for Catherine. The subject of revenge, envy, gender inequality clashes between social classes predominate the book. The novel also incorporates gothic and supernatural elements like the appearances of ghosts. Moreover, physical violence and abuse are also present in most part of this book.

The reason why ‘Wuthering Heights’ plays such a significant role in my life is that firstly, it is written by a female writer during those days when it was considered unethical for a woman to pen down her thoughts especially when the novel is autobiographical. Secondly, after reading this book my perspective towards English literature changed completely and I developed a keen interest in reading as well.


  1. ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’ was written by Robin Sharma in the late 1990s. It is a quite popular book among the youth of my country (India). In this book the author talks about different methods of achieving success in one’s life. It includes- cultivating one’s thoughts, being clear about one’s purpose in life, facing one’s fear, discipline and time management as a key to success. In the book, the author sells his mansion and Ferrari in order to head to the Himalayas to attain wisdom and knowledge.
  2. I Have A Dream’ is another Indian book authored by Rashmi Bansal in which the author illustrates the lives of twenty people who were social entrepreneurs. These people aimed to bring contentment and happiness in other’s lives. These social workers worked for the betterment of our society. It also shows that individual has the capacity to take up an issue and make this world a finer place to live in and highlights the power of determination.


  • CONTRADICTIONS– a combination of statements, ideas, or features which are opposed to one another.
  • VENGEFUL– seeking to harm someone in return for a perceived injury.
  • UNETHICAL– not morally correct.
  • UNREQUITED– (for a feeling, especially love) not returned.

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