IELTS Speaking Sample Questions # Motivation

Motivation is the most important part of any exam preparation. There are different other aspects as well, but if you are not mentally ready for it, then chances are that, things are not going to happen in your favor. This time we are looking upon how to prepare yourself mentally for the IELTS Speaking exam.


Mindset is the most important aspect of preparation, so if you keep your mindset not as someone who is preparing for English. But, rather think yourself as someone who already knows English and is trying to make it better. Once, you do that, there is always a sense of confidence and you are trying to work further on it.


While one person hesitates because he feels inferior, the other is busy making mistakes and becoming superior. There is nothing worse than getting frustrated with life and taking certain actions that might not be in your own benefits. So, when preparing for the exam, you somehow find yourself feeling demotivated, do not give up. Just try one more time.


Listening to IELTS Speaking is the most important thing to do. So, if you are bored preparing for the exam listen to the podcast. Podcast of anything that you like, listen about your hobbies, listen to interviews, but make sure that you listen to something that is knowledgeable. Because, when you do that you grasp the vocabulary and the way of speaking.


Well, fluency and accuracy are two different aspects of English speaking and have to be practiced separately. So, when you are working on fluency, make sure that you speak a certain number of words in particular time. When checking on accuracy, try to make sure that you use the least number of filler words.


Speaking exam has a limited time for you. So, there is no point in beating around the bush! So, when explaining something in your speaking section, speak of something that is from your own memory. Speaking of memory makes it even more interesting for the listener.


Although, having template is not something that people appreciate, but we believe that there is always good in preparing some templates for tough situations. For example – I’m not quite sure if that is what you are talking about but I think…”