SoP for Diploma in Hospitality Management

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Statement of Purpose for Diploma in Hospitality Management

From the childhood itself, I have seen that the guests are being treated as a reflection of God in my country Nepal. Apart from that, it provides immense pleasure to tender them the best of the services and all possible facilities. Factually speaking, India is proved to be an attraction centre for tourists around the globe and the annual strength of 7.1 Million of tourists in year 2016 is an evidence for this. Moreover, Tourism and hospitality industry has contributed 17 US$ Billion to Indian Foreign Exchange Reserve. So, in a nut shell, the growing scopes and spectrum of this sector in addition to customs and tradition of my society have encouraged me to make a career in this field.
Before taking a decision to make my career in hospitality sector, I have analyzed my skills and strengths. I am a positive person who never gives up in odd circumstances and wants to be busy all the time. In past, I have proved that I can stay calm and composed in pressure exerting situations and come out with positive results. I have realized how great my ambitions are and how hard I must work to be successful.

Beside these qualities, I must possess some technical skills in order to prove my potential in this industry. If you’re prestigious college provides me the privilege to take admission then it would be a step ahead to turn my dream of managing a chain of hotels, into reality. This will help me to shape my career and I will be providential to furnish my knowledge and skills in this competitive sector. If I will be given a chance, I will abide by the rules and regulations of the institution and implement my skills to contribute positively in the industry.

Kavita Wagle
Kathmandu, Nepal

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IELTS Speaking Part I Sample Questions # Flower

Flowers are the beautiful part of our nature that make our life lively and worth living. Although there are some people allergic to flowers, most of us love them. Each one has their own favorites and enjoys gifting and being gifted flowers. This time we are looking at the part I sample questions on flowers.

Do you like to have flowers in your home?

I love flowers but I am elated about them. There is no art or life that I find in the scent of the roses neither my mind goes to an abstract mode with flowers. I do love them to an extent that if someone offers me flowers I feel happy about it.

Where would you go to buy flowers?

Earlier I used to go to floral shops to get flowers or get them from street vendors but now with technology coming into picture, I usually get flowers from ferns and petals or some other online shops.

On what occasions would you give someone flowers?

There could be various occasions where we can give flowers. I prefer on marriages and death ceremonies. Giving flowers on birthdays or when someone is sick is not my idea. I will preferably go with some personal gifts on birthdays and fruits when someone is sick.

Where can you see flowers in your country?

There are 29 states in my country and one can find almost a kind of flower which is each state’s speciality. But most people in our country like to grow flowers in their house. So, probably everyone does have a garden attached to their home. However, with space issues becoming prominent in major cities, people now have small pots where they grow flowers. Other than this, one can find them in gardens and parks or in any other monumental place.

Are flowers important in your culture?

Flowers do play an important role in our culture. For example, lotus symbolises wealth and divinity, knowledge and enlightenment. It is central in many yantra patterns and form part of many designs of decorations in more secular contexts. There are flowers like marigold which are considered auspicious in our country and are used in marriages. For festivals like Onam, people make rangoli from the propitious flowers like marigold.

What flowers have special meaning in your country?

There is a rich cultural heritage associated with my country. Flowers like marigold, lotus, crown flower, china rose are the ones which are very auspicious in the country and are used in every propitious thing. China rose is used for the worship of Durga. Sita Ashoka also has significance in our culture. It is believed that Sita sat under the Ashok tree when she was abducted by Ravana. There are many other flowers with significance and our country has some tale associated with most of the flowers.


IELTS Letter Sample Questions # Publish Information

Publish Information – IELTS general writing letter task 1.

You should spend 20 minutes on this task.

You are about to start social meetings in a particular area where people from different nationalities can take part. Write a letter to the editor of a local newspaper requesting to publish information about this:
– What activities you have planned
– When the first meeting takes place and where

Sample Answer:

Dear Sir,

I am a resident of Classic Residency in Gurugram Sector 56 and need your help in publishing information about an upcoming social event in our society.

We are planning to start a fortnightly social meeting for the residents of all neighboring societies. This will ensure that people from various nationalities working and residing in Gurugram get to know each other and develop a rapport irrespective of their nationalities.

We are planning to initiate the meeting on 5th of July from 11 am to 1 pm i.e., next Sunday at the Community Center of Classic Residency. We have formed a group to organize this meet-up and have planned a few activities. It will start with a warm-up round to familiarize the residents, followed by a few games for kids and a small brunch.

We would highly appreciate your favor in helping us in informing the neighboring occupants about the get-together in time.
Anil Sharma

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