IELTS Speaking Sample Answer # Physical Appearance

Everyone wants to look beautiful, head turning and feel good about themselves. Some believe that it is only the physical appearance that matters when someone looks at you, however others are of the opinion that there is so much more to a personality than mere physical appearance. Let us today have a look at some of the questions related to it.

Are beauty pageants good or bad?

They are great events, I believe to showcase ones talent. Because it is not only about being beautiful outwardly, but you need to have brains as well to compete in the beauty pageants. And the ones who win them, are more likely to go for the social causes and things that help make world a better place.

Should children be entered into beauty pageants?

I don’t think that children should be given entry into such pageants not because there is any harm in them. But, because I believe that childhood is the time when a child gets to know about themselves, make friends and relaxes. Entering into beauty pageants brings in the mind set that may be physical appearance matters, and there are more chances of them not understanding that it is more of what is inside that matters the most.

Do you think one gender or group worries more about beauty than another?

There was definitely a time when women were more bothered about beauty but I think with changing times, both the genders are worried about how they look. They tend to go to gyms and parlors to make sure they give their best shot.


Would you want your children to be beautiful or talented?

I would want my children to be beautiful. A person who is not beautiful i.e.who is not kind and generous and loving is not able to achieve much in life. So, if ever a choice is given to me, I’d better have beautiful children than talented, because talent follows beautiful.

What are some of the drawbacks of being beautiful in terms of physical appearance?

I think the major drawback is that no matter how much you achieve in other facets of life you are known for your beauty. This is something very disheartening for a person who is working hard for their dreams to get fulfilled. Other than this, people always think that if you are beautiful may be you are not intelligent. This is truly an insult for someone who is actually not bothered about the physical appearance.

What do you think about plastic surgery?

I believe plastic surgery when done because of medical reasons, is perfectly acceptable. But when it comes to changing oneself to fit in the world, there is no point or need of doing it. It brings along with it more harm than good.

Do you think skin color affects whether a person is regarded as beautiful or not?

It should not, but yes, people are likely to term you as beautiful or not based on your color. It is different for different regions of the world. So, people in western part are more likely to think a little darker shade to be beautiful. Howerver, in a country like India the more the fairer the more are you beautiful.

Do you think that fairer skin makes you more beautiful?

I believe when it comes to physical appearance, color has nothing to do with making you beautiful. It is about your features, your eyes, your nose and the most important thing is the smile.

What are some advantages of being beautiful?

A survey depicts that people who are beautiful tend to have a better social life and career growth. A striking personality surely makes it lot more easier for you to survive in the world that is trying to bring people down.

What makes someone beautiful in your country?

In my country, anyone who is fair is regarded as beautiful. But, after a certain time, people judge only on the basis of how kind the other person is. So, if you are nice and kind and loving, you are more likely to have friends in my country.