IELTS Speaking Sample Questions # Hometown

Hometown is the one word that brings sparkles into the minds of people. If you are living far off from your parents the mere name of the place brings so much joy to you. But, what is a hometown? For most people, it is the place they grew up in, for some it is the place they like themselves to be associated with, for some it was their current location, while for some it was nothing. This time in our IELTS Speaking section we are looking at the common question about hometown.

Let us talk about your hometown or village.

What kind of place is it?

My hometown is Dehradun, which is a small city yet the capital of Uttrakhand, a state in the northern part of our country. It is both traditional and modern because of the several festivals that are celebrated by the locals and modern with the new infrastructure being developed by the government. With it being the center for most of the tourist coming it has become the tourist capital of Uttrakhand. With increasing number of infrastructure and establishment, it is becoming on par with the modern cities of our country.

What is the most interesting part of your town or village?

There are many things that I love about my hometown, but the most interesting thing is that the entire city is in circles. You can never get lost in the city, maybe because it is small. There is a different kind of stalls all around the city, one can go and find the most elite of the things as well as cherish the local foods. I think what makes my hometown special is is the fact that you can find a mixed bag of people. With it having a lot of educational institutes, students from across the country come over to study and their innocence and different backgrounds, make it worthwhile.

What kind of jobs do the people in your town or village do?

Most people in my town are either into education industry or bankers. Being the education hub, one can find the elite schools of our country, like Doon, Welhems in the city. There are various other government schools as well and people mostly work in there. However, there are some people who do freelancing and others who have found their calling in the travel industry.

Would you say it is a good place to live in? Why?

If someone is looking for a well-settled life with less of juggling and more of peace, I would suggest my town to the person. With places like Mussoorie near to Dehradun, one can find easy escapades from the place. Even more, there is less of commute required in the place and that saves a lot of time. The weather is beautiful with a lot of rains and sometimes snow. One can find the basic necessities along with a comfortable life.