IELTS Speaking Sample Questions # Robots

We are living in times when technology has made our life so much easier. Now, we are moving towards taking it to another level. We are shifting our attention towards automation i.e. creating devices that could do things on their own. These devices are called robots. This time we are looking at some questions related to robots that can be asked in the IELTS speaking section.

Are you interested in robots? Why?

We all are already surrounded by robots and I think yes I am too an extent interested in them as well. It will be amazing to see the robots doing things that we don’t like making us more productive. So, for example, when a robot would be driving my car, I will have time to read my novel or have a chat with my friend.

Do you like robots to work at your home?

I am pretty content with robots working at my home doing things that I really don’t like. So, for example, things like cleaning the room or the car, well if the robot does it I am good with it. Or, for sometimes make food for me. But, then depending entirely on them, does not suits me well. Allowing the robot to cook food for me or drive car for me, is not something I will go for. Sometimes it is good, but there are times you wish to do things on your own, spend time with people you love. I think balancing between both is where the things will go.

Do you want to take a car in which robot is the driver?

I would love to have a car with a robot in it, but only if there is an option of manually driving the car as well. Having a robot every time in the car, will just take away the fun of driving the car. The fun that you get, the rush of reaching to a place, the fact that you can control something is amazing. Although, having a robot will help in having those long trips but a permanent driver is something I’ll avoid.

Will robots replace human beings in the workplace completely?

Completely, might not be possible. But, yes to a very large extent, in the near future, robots will surely replace humans. And they have done in the past as well. There were times when people were given jobs only for data entry, this is now handled easily using computers. But, in my opinion for jobs like teaching or even software jobs will continue to require manual intervention.