An ideal pattern for IELTS essay writing

An ideal pattern for IELTS essay writing

Many students get confused how they are supposed to write an effective essay to score a high band in writing task 2. Here are some tips to improve your writing skills as well as to be familiar with the pattern of IELTS writing exam. An ideal essay should contain all the required information asked in the question topic. IELTS Essay must be at least 250 words.

1) Introduction

An ideal introduction should have only 3 to 4 sentences. Many students make mistake in the introduction and they start discussing about the whole idea of essay in the introduction part. In this paragraph, we generally try to give the introduction of the topic and our inputs about the topic that we will be discussing in the body paragraph. You can follow the below steps for writing an introduction.

1st Statement: A general statement about the question

2nd Statement: Rewrite the question in your own language.

3rd Statement: Thesis statement

2) Body Paragraph

A body paragraph can have two or three separate paragraphs as per the content. One has to keep in mind that for one idea we make one paragraph. An ideal discussion should concentrate on one idea thoroughly and for another idea there should be a separate paragraph.

For example, if we are discussing the pros and cons of Computers, all the benefits should be in one part of the body paragraph and drawbacks should be in another paragraph.

3) Conclusion

In the conclusion part of the essay, we just give the overall idea of our writing by summarizing the main points. We preferably do not require to write more than 3 to 4 sentences. Avoid using any new additional point or example. Essay tips find here..


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IELTS CUE CARD: Something you bought but could not use a lot


Something you bought but could not use a lot

  • What it was ?
  • Why couldn’t you use it a lot ?
  • What do you want to do with it now?
photography Best IELTS Band 7 coaching in dehradun
Sample Answer

I am very particular about buying things. I prefer to purchase those items only which I require the most. I can recall one incident here when I bought something out of excitement but later couldn’t use it a lot.

It was my brother’s wedding two years ago. It was the last wedding of my generation. We had all the necessary arrangements done. We had a photographer to capture the moments of the main rituals, however for rest of the events, I decided to shoot myself. Although I am not a professional photographer, I like photography. I spent a huge amount in buying a new DSLR Nikon camera. I used that camera during his pre-wedding ceremonies only and after that I didn’t use it a lot. No such events took place after that where I could show my photography skills. Another reason is that my busy working hours don’t allow me to go for holidays as well where I can capture some moments. I am working in a company where my 24×7 attention is needed. That is why I don’t get enough time to pursue my hobby of photography. I still keep that camera but did not use it a lot.

It’s a pity that I am unable to use it frequently and certainly there is no use of keeping it for a long time. I am planning to gift it to my niece who is also very fond of photography. She wants to pursue a course related to photography after her 12th exam. This camera will be very useful for her. I wish she may continue using it.

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