Why Learn Grammar?

Grammar is one of the most important things before you start speaking. It is that one thing that makes sense out of even the nonsense that you tend to speak at times. But then grammar is so difficult to remember, isn’t it? There are so many rules in it and then there are so many exceptions to those rules. So, how to score well and break the grammar barrier?

Well, all you need to do is, remember the two points-:
1. Structure-: How the grammar is made?
2. How/ why-: why learn the grammar?

These two are the questions you need to ask yourself before you go into learning grammar.
Structure-: How do you make sentence? Well yes. You need to find out, what does it mean when someone says a present continuous or a present perfect? So, for example-:
Present continuous means-:
Present continuous is also sometimes referred to as present progressive.
Subject+To be verb+ing
Yes, this is the structure or the format of the present continuous sentence.

How and Why-: Why learn grammar? This is not the question to be asked when you are irritated by the grammar rules, rather ask it before learning. Is it only for the exam? What is the use of it in daily life? Well, grammar is used to describe the actions. May be the actions you did or the ones you are doing or the ones you will do.

Examples Will Help-: Write as many examples you want. Make sentence so that you can relate to them. You can even record the sentence and listen to it. It would help you to relate to yourself.
Do this with all the other forms of grammar. Rather with as many rules or exceptions you see in grammar. Learning a rule rarely helps. You need to realize why is that you are studying the rule? Why will you need it? What will get wrong if you don’t say it right?

Remember, grammar isn’t something you learn, it is rather something you practice and use in daily life.

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