Team Building

Coming together is a beginning; bringing together is a progress; working together is a success.-Henry Ford


The notion behind team building can be effortlessly understood by studying a concrete block. Unless the right constituents get mixed in the required proportions, the block will not be able to fulfill its purpose which is rigidity and strength to the total structure. Likewise a team will not be successful until is built in an efficient way.

A crucial factor in project management that differentiates success from failure is a good team. Teamwork is a foolproof winning formula for achieving success in any field. The common phrase two heads are better than one is a classical statement regarding teamwork. Tasks are achieved quickly and smoothly when performed jointly as a team.

The challenge that still exists is, How to make a great team and bring forth the right candidates for you required project. Our course teaches project leaders employers and many other professionals on how to make the best out of the human resources within their reach. Always remember, a great team is not born rather it’s made.

After going through our course, you would be able to:

  • Create high performance teams
  • Eradicate cultural differences between the team workers and maintain free communication between employees
  • Understand and implement an individual’s skills at the right place and if required motivate their morale at the work they are doing
  • Efficiently manage geographically estranged teams
  • Empathize on what the team expects from you as their leader and a manger thus holding a mirror to yourself to groom yourself into a more realistic and down-to-earth manager

We at IELTSBand7 conducts a 1 day course for professionals who wish to take advantage of the techniques that team building science has to offer. Our partner PM-Pulse will handle the training. Mr. Manish Vijaya, PMP Chief Mentor, Coach and Trainer at PM-Pulse will deliver the sessions.

For further details please feel free to visit our head office, address given below.

Participants can avail career guidance as part of the training.
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