Should You Go For IELTS?

Knowing the reason is one of the most important thing in life. So, what is your reason to get through IELTS? If the reason is money, I say, go back home. You can always earn money with 100 other ways. Pride? Pride for whom? Are you not proud of yourself? And what makes you think that IELTS or abroad study will help you gain that pride. So question yourself. Because as long as the answers are from your inner voice and not what others have fed in your mind, abroad study will make a difference in your life.

But if there is this voice that says that since he got in IELTS and has money and has got respect, I should also go. I say, you need to be honest with yourself. It is one of the doors to success, but is not the only one. Surely, abroad study gives you the exposure, an opportunity of life time, but then make sure what kind of life you want. Because the point is, unless you have a certain vision of your life, you will end up following other people.So, figure out what you want to do with your life and how does abroad study helps you in it. Find out what is that one thing, you enjoy doing. The one thing you can do even if you don’t get money for. And then take every possible step towards it. For example. you may love camera and want to be a photographer. Then you need to, go for a photography course abroad. You then figure out the best college related to it. In the end it does not matter whether you did your graduation from Harvard or Cambridge. What matters is, whether the college you chose, fitted well into the path you have set for yourself.

And I am not trying to motivate you. It is a sheer logic. For example, remember your childhood. You might have fought for cartoons and comics but never for watching something you did not liked. And at that time, your aim used to be only on getting that one thing you want. Sometimes you got slapped, sometimes they scold you. But this did not stopped you from getting that thing. Abroad Study is similar. If you love it and really want to do it, you won’t be bothered by the slaps and the scolds, but if you are living someone else idea of your life, trust me, you may end up frustrated.

Go on, follow your passion and remember, in the end it is your life and should be lived the way you want to.

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