Managing Time In IELTS

Time is money. You must be knowing this idiom. But when it comes to you, there is a little change. For you time is success. How well you perform in your IELTS depends on how you manage your time. It sometimes so happens that even though you know the answers you don’t attempt them because you run out of time. To avoid this you won’t be getting any extra time, but if you follow the tips given below, you may be able to attempt your IELTS well.
1.Go to sleep early the day before your exam.
2.Don’t study the night before. It hardly matters what you study that day, all that matters is how well you prepare for the past few weeks or month.
3.Make sure you eat properly before test. Avoid coffee and sugar. And if you are in a habit of taking it, make sure you take it at least 2 hours before the test. Take carbohydrates and proteins.
4.There is some time between the different sections. During that time, close your eyes. Calm yourself down.
5.You can even stretch yourself a little bit. You need not to start walking. But yes you can stretch your legs and neck and hands. Remember, healthy body helps you to save time.

IELTS is a standard test. They not only check how well you know english, but also how well you can use it and manage it. Remember, success is not just about mind, it is the combination of mind, body and soul.

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