Live The Dorm Life

The moment you pack your bags to go abroad to Arab country for studying, you are taking the first step towards the transition that is about to happen in you. although, there are high hopes, issues such as security, maintaining your culture and acceptance tend to revolve in a person’s mind.

Dorms at Arab universities, keep in mind all of the issues you might be facing. And hence, dorms have been designed to adhere to your needs. There are separate dorms for men and women. The dean of American University of Beirut confirms that they provide a perfect blend of eastern and western tradition and values.
Dorms have mosques near by and you can even pray at your dorms. Well, they do try their best to make you feel comfortable, but then there is lot more that has to be done from your side as well.

Embrace change-: This is one of the most important thing you need to keep in mind before you step onto the air plane. Surely, people out there are going to be humans and they do will have culture, but then the culture would be different. If you start looking them down or up, it would create nuisance in your life. Rather, try to ask them about there culture and celebrate it.

Learn responsibility-: When at home, we know for every problem that we create, there is always a solution by our parents. This is something surely not happening in dorms. You are expected to take your own responsibility. Although there are some dorms with kitchens, there are some where you need to prepare your own food. Laundry service is also provided but then no one is going to go to your cupboard and pick dirty clothes. You need to do that yourself. A dorm life would force you to rather become an adult and that is why you are there.

Play well with others-: The best part and the worst part about dorm life is you have to share your room with someone. Usually, the universities, make it a point, that a local student gets a room with the international student. Now, if you try to ignore them or fight with them, you would loose the chance of knowing them. So, enjoy that part. Get to know each other and be open to all possibilities. Although universities do provide you the facility of changing your partner.

So, go on, let every positive thought come to your mind, make every step you take full of positivity. Go, on discover your own world.

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