It all depends on you. Yes, it does. Although both the test are almost equivalent, which one to take, depends on the answers you give yourself. So, just ask yourself the following questions-:
Are you taking the test for academic English?
Which accent are you more comfortable in-: British or American?
Are you comfortable with a wide range of questions?
Do you think you are proficient of taking notes?
Can you type fast?

These questions are not put up just to increase the volume of this content? They are rather important because IELTS is maintained by the University of Cambridge and TOEFL is provided by ETS, a US based company in New Jersey.

So, now let’s get to the answers-:
If you are taking the test for academics, go on and read more. If it is for immigration purpose, go for IELTS Life or IELTS general.

Now, if you are more comfortable with British English or Australian English go for the IELTS. But if you are one of those who watch a lot of Hollywood movies, go for the TOEFL.

How does typing affect your choice? Easy enough. TOEFL asks you to type your essay in the writing section. So if you have good typing speed may be you can think about TOEFL. IELTS on the other hand, asks you to write your essay.

TOEFL is made of almost multiple choice questions. On the other hand, IELTS has a variety of questions. Like multiple choice or gap or matching etc. so, choose whichever one suits you.

See, note taking is critical for both the exams. But it is more of important in TOEFL. As in IELTS you are asked questions while you are hearing it. But in TOEFL you hear a long passage and it is in the last that you are asked questions.

Both the tests are of equivalent importance. It all depends on you, which one suits you more.

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