IELTS Life Decoded Level A1 and B1

WHY ME? Are you one of those who want to go to abroad as an immigrant. And wondered why should I give the reading and the writing test in the IELTS when I will not even need it? Well IELTS has come to a solution to your problem.

The three IELTS test partners- British Council, Cambridge English Language Assessment and IDP: IELTS Australia now offer IELTS life. This is for those who want to go to abroad as an immigrant and has only speaking and listening sections. This test is available at CEFR level A1 and CEFR level B1 and is designed to meet the requirements of UK visas and immigration for certain visa categories and other immigration purposes.
The test takes place in the presence of another test taker and the examiner. You will be evaluated on your skills. The test at CEFR level A1 takes 16-18 minutes and level B1 takes 22 minutes. And, yes you will be evaluated for both the skills at the same time.
But then you must be curious on what will you be judged? Well, the criteria is simple. You will be judged on the following -:

  • Obtaining Information
  • Conveying Information
  • Speaking To Communicate
  • Engaging In Discussion

The result will be available 6 days after taking the test and test dates will be available 28 days after booking. If you pass the test you won’t be able to take the test for the next two years. But if you lose there is no limitation.

All The Best. Work hard and live your dreams.

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