American Culture

Most of the people around the world think that America has no culture. Therefore, when people from different parts of the world go to America, may be for studying or job, they get a cultural shock. At times people find it difficult to adjust with the native people. Some people tend to feel home sick and in some case turn the “could be” best times of their life to the worst times.

The easiest way to live in America is to understand their culture and respect it as you do to your culture. American do have certain values, it is just that they may be different from yours.

Americans believe in the concept of individualism. This means they believe that each person is to its own and is not dependent on their family or religion or tribe or nation. Each individual has their own rights and they can live their lives the way they want to. Remember, especially those from eastern countries, just the way you may find this weird, Americans may too find your culture of family and religion weird. You may be different, let the conjunction of difference create something beautiful.
Americans believe that all are created equal and this is deeply embedded in their cultural values. So, you may find people calling each other by their first name or maybe they don’t bow to people. it does not mean they don’t respect them, it is their way to enforce equality.
Americans are very informal. It could be in the way they sit or the way they talk. It is just the way they are. so, don’t be amazed if a store clerk or a waiter introduces you by their first name.
Directness in speech is one of the things that American truly believe in. they think if you talk to the person directly about the issue that you have with them, there are more chances of solving it. They would not hesitate in giving their opinion, and they expect you would take it in with a broader mind.

It is your choice to judge a person by their exterior behavior or in terms of the way they truly are. you could make these differences important and stay away from them or accept these differences and be friends with some of the amazing people. The choice is yours.

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