Outsource teacher for Personality Development and Group Discussion

Are you thinking of getting placements, of making your future with a big firm? But then, are you afraid? Afraid of the big monster (yes, for some it is), GD aka group discussion. Group discussion consist of five to ten people, who are asked to speak on a particular topic for ten minutes and give their opinion.

Although, it might sound easy for some, it truly is a nighmare for many. People with fluent english, trying to put their point before you and expressing in a way that is excellent, often gives goose bumps!

But then you don’t need to worry anymore, about your English or your group discussion anymore. We at IELTSBAND7 provide experienced teachers for the group discussion and personality development. They make sure that you learn to speak in English and more importantly, express yourself in a way that you could break any group discussion topic and present your ideas.

Our well qualified faculty, Mr. Anuj Kumar, has an experience of teaching personality development classes and has spent several years in abroad. The way he teaches is not like the traditional Indian way, where you need to listen, but the style in which you have to speak and actively participate in classes.

So, if you are fearful of group discussion, worried about your personality, don’t worry. We are here.



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