IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer # Animals

Describe your favorite animal. IELTS latest cue card

You should say-

  • what kind of animal it is?
  • describe it briefly.
  • why do you like the animal?


I like all animals in general, but I think my favorite would be a dog. A dog is a domestic animal and can be seen in almost all houses and streets of my country. The best part about dogs is that apart from being a great keeper, they also shower love on their owners. A person owning a dog gets love and care from the dog and the dog makes sure that no one harms his or her owner.

Although, most people like dogs, every one has different choices as there are various breeds of dogs such as pugs, golden retriever, bulldog  and German shepherd etc. Interestingly, the characteristics of dogs depend on their breed. For instance, a bulldog is more aggressive than a pug and is more likely to bite you. Even more, the food requirements vary with breed. As a matter of fact, a smaller breed would require more energy and food than a larger or a medium sized breed. One needs to know the breed of the dog and provide the food accordingly.

A dog surely becomes a part of family and often it has been seen that they get weak in the absence of their owners. The connection between dogs and humans is almost electric and I believe one must surely have one.


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