IELTS Band Test score of our proud students 2017 Results

There is no pass or fail in IELTS, scores are graded on the band system.

Listening(30 minutes):
• Four recorded monologues and conversations
• A range of question types
Reading (60 minutes):
• Three long reading passages with tasks
• Texts range from the descriptive and factual to the discursive and analytical
• Includes non-verbal materials such as diagrams, graphs or illustrations
Writing (60 minutes):
• Two compulsory tasks
• Task 1: a 150-words summary of information presented in graphic or diagrammatic form
• Task 2: a 250-words essay presenting an argument on a given topic
Speaking(11 to 14 minutes):
• Face to face interview
• Would be asked to describe oneself or speak on a familiar topic.

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MonthStudent nameLRSWOver all
October-2017ARYAN ANAND987.578
October-2017PRATEEK KOHLI8.
October-2017Prateek Verma8.5876.57.5
October-2017SHAGUN THAKUR8.56.56.577
October-2017MUKUL BATRA7.576.56.57
October-2017SIMRAN GURUNG7.
October-2017MANISH KUMAR THAPA7.576.56.57
October-2017FIZA JALEES7.5776.57
October-2017TARANDEEP SINGH7.56.576.57
October-2017RICHA MITTAL776.577
October-2017ABHISHEK KUTIYAL76.576.57
October-2017BHOOMIKA TANWAR767.56.57
October-2017AMIT CHAUDHARY7.57.566.57
October-2017LAKSHITA KAPOOR877.567
October-2017VINOD CHAUHAN877.567
October-2017SHUBHAM MAMGAIN86.575.57
October-2017SUDHA SANGAR85.
October-2017ARPIT MARWAH66766.5
October-2017VISHESH NANDA7.56.56.566.5
October-2017JASWINDER SINGH7.56666.5
October-2017RAVINDER KAUR5.565.56.56
October-2017ANUJ KUMAR766.556
October-2017RIZWAN ALI7665.56
October-2017VIKRANT PUNDIR675.55.56
October-2017AKSHAY CHAUHAN75.5666
October-2017IQBAL HASAN -65666
October-2017MANOJ RANGHAR5.566.55.56
October-2017SONIKA NEGI5.55.5666
October-2017HIMANI SHARMA5.55.5666
October-2017VARUN GAIROLA5.5666.56
October-2017Ajay Kothiyal5.557.566
October-2017PRAVEEN RAWAT65.565.56
October-2017SANJAY RAWAT5.555.55.56
October-2017SHIVANI BAGHEL65766
October-2017SHIV POOJAN6.55.5666
October-2017RUTVIK PATEL6.55.55.566
October-2017SHAHIL MAMGAIN65.55.566