IELTS Essay about healthy lifestyle


Many people believe that every individual is responsible for his/ her own healthy lifestyle. Others believe that governments should take care of it. Discuss both the views and give your own opinion.


Health has become a huge concern nowadays for individuals all over the globe. This is evident from a large number of people suffering from a variety of lifestyle diseases such as cancer, obesity, hypertension, diabetes and heart ailments. In these circumstances, whether the individuals themselves or the government should take the onus for their health has become a moot point. In my personal opinion, both personal discipline and the state facilities can turn the numbers around.
Some people opine that an individual himself is responsible for his dietary preferences and exercise regime. Both balanced diet and physical workouts actually determine whether a person is leading a healthy life or not. Moreover, in this fast paced world, maintaining constraint and discipline with regards to food and fitness is extremely difficult which can be achieved only with personal effort. Also, if a person remains motivated to keep distance from bad habits like smoking and drinking, he can lead a better life, physically and mentally as compared to smokers and alcoholics.
However, others assume that only the state intervention can help people live a healthy lifestyle. The reason for their belief is that awareness campaigns and facilities can be provided by government effort alone. The state can display billboards, print articles in newspapers and organize talks which help in creating awareness about the role of a healthy lifestyle in keeping the diseases at bay. Not only that, green areas like parks in cities and gymnasiums with minimal charges can motivate citizens to exercise on daily basis. Also, strict rules to ban smoking in public can save the nonsmokers from the ill effects of passive smoking.
All in all, both individuals themselves and the government can jointly work towards making the majority of people lead a healthy lifestyle. This is of paramount importance to not only keep the citizens disease free but also to increase their standard of living. (315 Words)


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Each one of us has at least one favorite sport or game which we like to play ourselves or follow on different media. There are many sports channels on TV and sites on the internet which enable us to watch different matches and tournaments which take place around the globe. It is obvious that we have our own favorite sports star whom we love to see on the field. Let us look at a cue card that asks us to talk about a sportsperson whom we like the most.

Describe a sportsperson that you admire

  • Who is the person?
  • What is his/her achievement?
  • Why do you admire him?



Like majority of my fellow Indians, I love to watch the game of cricket. If I talk of cricket in my country, Sachin Tendulkar is one name which shines like a precious diamond. He was a former captain of the Indian national team and is regarded as one of the greatest batsmen of all times. Tendulkar started playing the game at the age of eleven and made his test debut against Pakistan at the age of sixteen. He is a record holder by scoring one hundred double centuries and completing more than 30,000 runs in international cricket. He is lovingly called the little master or master blaster by his fans. He is also considered as the god of cricket by his fans and fellow cricketers. The government of India felicitated him with numerous awards and honors such as Arjuna award, Rajiv Gandhi khel Ratna award, Padma Shri and Padma Vibhushan. He is also the youngest recipient of the Bharat Ratna, the highest civilian award. Not only is he a great player but a wonderful human being also. He always motivates and supports young players of not just cricket but other sports as well. In the end I’d like to say that we all are extremely proud of Sachin Tendulkar and wish that all the young players continue to gain inspiration from this great personality.


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IELTS Essay AGREE/DISAGREE # Face-to-face Communication

IELTS Essay Agree / Disagree # Face-to-face Communication

Write 250 words on the following topic, give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.
Face-to-face communication is better than other types of communication such as letters, email, or telephone calls.
How far you agree or disagree with this statement?

Sample Answer

In this day and age, the way people interact and communicate with each other is greatly influenced by technology. The technological developments in the last few decades have opened gates to a plethora of wireless electronic devices which enable us to be in touch with people around the globe. However, the lack of direct interaction which these modern modes offer, make some people question their effectiveness. I personally believe that although it is undeniably true that letters, emails and telephonic conversations have shrunk the world, they cannot replace the personal touch that face-to-face interaction offers.
The first point to consider is that globalization has been made possible through the modern communication methods. One can easily contact and speak to a friend, relative, business partner, etc sitting at the other end of the world. The time zones and boundaries no longer exist with facilities like messenger services and emails. Certainly, this was not possible in the past when people only relied on personal meetings, especially with those located at far off places. Getting to meet people in other countries meant months of waiting and huge expenditure before one could actually travel to those locations.
While on the other hand, interaction in person provides an opportunity to express your true emotions and warmth which mails and phone calls lack. Not only do face-to-face meetings provide a glimpse of important personality cues like body language but also guide immensely to judge a person through his/her gestures and moves. What’s more, a personal meeting has a long lasting impression on the mind making the individual unforgettable for days to come. An actual meeting with a loved one gives so much of joy that a chat on the phone can never replace.
All in all, modern electronic modes have played a vital role in globalization bridging the gap between different corners of the world. Not only they have they boosted international business but also strengthened relationships. Nevertheless, these methods, in my personal opinion cannot replace the traditional face-to-face meetings which still have an edge due to their personal touch and warmth. (346 Words)

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IELTS Speaking # Clothes You Like To Wear On Special Occasions

IELTS Speaking about Clothes

Clothing, also known as apparel, attire or clothes is a collective term for items worn on the body. Wearing clothes is restricted to human beings and is a feature of all human societies. The amount and type of clothing worn depend on body type, gender, social and geographical considerations. Apart from making us look and feel good, clothes also serve as a protection from harsh weather, insects, microbes and various human activities. Let us look at a cue card which asks us to talk about clothes that you wear on special occasions.

IELTS Cue Card # Clothes you like to wear on special occasions

  • What is it
  • On what occasion you wear this
  • Do other people wear the same dress on special occasions
  • Explain why you like to wear this dress.

saree, IELTS Speaking # Clothes You Like To Wear On Special Occasions, IELTS BAND7 DEHRADUN

Sample Answer:

Although I like to dress up casually on a day to day basis, I love to wear a sari for a social event, celebration or festivity. Saree is a female garment for the Indian subcontinent that consists of a drape varying from five to nine yards. It is typically wrapped around the waist, with one end hanging over the shoulder. It is one of the oldest and perhaps the only surviving unstitched garment of the past.
A majority of Indian women wear saree as a traditional dress which has a great cultural significance. Over the years it has not only become sensuous, glamorous all-time-wear for women , but also the canvas for printers and weavers to create artistic weaves, prints and jeweled embellishments. Saree is one of the most graceful dresses as it elegantly covers the entire body by showing natural curves in the most dignified way.
Whenever I wear a saree, I feel delicate and feminine. I particularly like the ones which are made of soft flowing materials as they are easy to drape. On festivals and other formal occasions I love to wear the traditionally woven silk sarees like Kantha, Baluchari and Paithani. These are sarees hand woven in different states of India. Each one of them has ethnic weaves typical of that region.
The best thing about sarees is that they never go out of fashion. What’s more, designers have come up with sarees with modern twist which are even easier to wear and handle. There are semi stitched versions available which can be draped in lesser time than the unstitched ones.

Follow Up Questions

Q1.Do you enjoy buying clothes?
Ans. Till a few years back, I loved shopping for clothes and other stuff with my friends. It was more of a fun day having a bit of shopping, sightseeing and spending quality time with loved ones. However, nowadays I prefer online shopping as it is less time consuming and cheaper than going personally to the shopping malls for purchasing garments. Also, there is a vast variety of clothes one can choose from these shopping websites.
Q2.What kinds of clothes you like to wear?
Ans. On a daily basis, I prefer getting dressed up in casual wear like jeans and T-shirt but for special occasions, I stick to formal wear like a saree or salwar suit. I believe that it’s really important to wear clothes according to the occasion so as to be a part of your social group.
Q3.What factors do you think affect the clothes we choose to wear?
Ans. I personally believe that there are many factors that determine our choice of clothes. Firstly, we purchase clothing according to our liking and comfort level. Then comes, the amount of money we want to spend while selecting our clothes for particular occasions. Lastly, we choose to wear our attire according to weather and geographical location. I would also like to add here that in certain circumstances, religion determines what one wears. For instance, muslim women have to wear hijab or burkha while sikh men wear a headgear called turban.
Q4.Is it possible to look good without spending too much on clothes?
Ans.I feel that it dosen’t necessarily mean that only expensive clothes look good. The way that the wearer carries himself or herself matters the most. Also, if one knows the skill to mix and match different items of clothing that go well together, one can actually generate many new looks without spending much. Adding a few accessories can accentuate the dress which is otherwise simple and inexpensive.

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