Speaking Part 2: (Cue Card)Tell about a talkative person you know.

Speaking Part 2:

Tell about a talkative person you know.

  • Who that person is?
  • Where you met this person?
  • What that person talks about?
  • How you felt after talking to that person?

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Sample Answer

A prerequisite condition to start a relationship is to first initiate a dialogue. A healthy communication involves both listening and speaking. Some people are reserved and talk less ,whereas others are big mouthed. In order to maintain a healthy mind, we must share our thoughts and feeling with others. It also improves your bond with others, and encourages them to listen to you.

As a teenager, I was very shy and unable to express myself. Suddenly, I met the most talkative person of my life who completely changed me. She was my colleague and became my best friend in no time. I had heard that opposite attracts but I started believing in this after meeting her. We are still best friends.

Though, she looks very arrogant and pretentious, she is outspoken and helpful. My friend is always ready to start a conversation with anyone about anything. She believes that whatever she knows is important and must be shared with others. We never have any  misunderstanding between us because she tries her best to explain every small detail.She finds talking is the best medicine to beat stress and anxiety. Due to her habit of talking, she is notable to many and has a large group of friends. Being with her, I have learnt the importance of talking to feel happy and confident.

To conclude, as we know excess of everything is bad .Therefore, over communication sometimes makes a person deviate from the main topic of discussion. People ignore loquacious people as they do not listen and only talk. I believe, we must not impose our thoughts on others but should also listen to others.

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Speaking Part 2: Cue Card-A language other than English you want to learn.

Speaking Part 2:

A language other than English you would like to learn

  • Why would you learn?
  • How would you learn?
  • What challenges you will face?
  • What benefits it would have?

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Sample Answer

In today’s world, knowing only one language is not enough. Due to globalization, the importance of foreign languages has increased more than ever before. Knowledge of different languages provides us a cosmopolitan approach to respect global diversity. In order to improve the social accessibility, I would like to learn French. It is one of the most frequently used languages worldwide after English.

As an International language, the benefits of learning the language are innumerable. In India, French is the most crowd-pleasing choice among the people who want to master different languages. Learning French language not only helps in enhancing our communication skills but also opens the doors to study abroad. Many French companies are setting up their regional offices in India and offering numerous career options in different sectors. Therefore, the ability to speak French will provide me an opportunity to work in these companies.

Generally, most of the people think that French is  a difficult European Language. Taking out time from my hectic schedule to learn this language will be a challenging task for me. Firstly, I will have to search for an excellent French tutor. In order to learn, speak and write French effectively, I will have to memorize the French verbs and their prepositions properly. Further, I may also face challenges in picking up accent and pronunciation. But I believe, discipline, self-study and motivation are the keys to achieve a higher proficiency. I will overcome all the difficulties by referring to relevant study material along with regular practice.

Overall,  cultural and languages are inextricably intertwined. So, we learn about the cultural heritage of a country when we learn its languages. Moreover, being a multilingual sometimes, makes us noticeable and leaves an everlasting impression on others.

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IELTS Academic Writing Task : Changes in Sunburn City

IELTS Academic Writing Task 1

The two maps below show changes that  took place in Sunburn City between 1985 and 2010.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words.

Sample Answer

The two maps represent the changes which have taken place in Sunburn City over a period of 25 years from 1985 to 2010. In the given period, infrastructural development was done on a large scale, although, trees were also cut down massively.

All individual houses were demolished in the north east to construct a new stadium. Moreover, new railway tracks were extended towards north, along the sea. The forest area was also converted into a beautiful amusement park. All the dwellings and trees were cleared in the area adjacent to the railway station and replaced by warehouses. A marina was also built at the estuary.

The single accommodations were replaced by skyscrapers on the bank of Delta river .In addition, the school area was also relocated and enlarged, in the close proximity of skyscrapers. The woodland area was also cleared for the airport relocation .Next to the new airport, many factories were set up, in the east.

To conclude, a comparison of the maps reveals that the city has changed dramatically. The green city was converted into an industrial zone by making end to end changes to facilitate economic growth.

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IELTS Speaking Part 3: Questions related to music.

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IELTS Speaking Part 3

Q1. What Kind of music is popular in your country?

A1. India has total twenty eight states speaking different regional languages. Music in India not only unites this diversity, but is also an integral part of the socio-religious life. The music of India includes different types of music like, classical, regional, folk, western, bollywood etc. But western, regional and bollywood music are more popular.

Q2. Do you feel old generation likes today’s music?

A2. Due to generation gap, old generation is just not able to understand and relate with today’s music. Old people tend to attach their personal feelings and emotions to the songs they heard during their young age.  But it does not mean that they don’t enjoy today’s music.L and preferences change with change in time Personality is directly related to the kind of music we choose. They might have enjoyed it back then as it was best of their time but times change. .. Old people like old music because they think it belongs to their era.

Q3. What is the difference between old and new music?

A3. Old songs have a soft and slow music. Old music was not loud like today’s music .the lyrics of the old songs were used to be very intense and meaningful. Due to change in technology, variations in music can be seen in today’s songs but there is no charm left in the lyrics. Old songs were full of feelings and emotions. Whereas, nowadays more emphasis is given on entertainment.

Q4. Does music have a bad influence sometimes?

A4. Generally, music is connected with the soul. We can rejuvenate our mind and body by listening to some soft music. It also helps in releasing tension and stress. People often enjoy dancing on their favourite songs. Apart from the benefits, there are some limitations of music as well. It increases noise pollution and can adversely impact our ear and brain. Excessive use of headsets and earphones can cause hearing disability.

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