What Is Speaking Section?


Speaking section takes place in the first part of the IELTS. This section is common for both the general as well as the academic aspirants. Similar questions are asked to both of them and wraps up in at most five minutes. It starts with introduction. First, the examiner introduces himself/herself and then asks for your introduction. Questions concerning you are asked in this section. They are usually about your growing days? Or may about your academics or your family? There may be some queries regarding your favorite sports or food ? Questions about your work also pop up.
Now, what does the examiner looks for, while asking these questions?

  1. FLUENCY-: What the examiner is trying to find out here is whether you can make some effective conversations or not. So, avoid doing “umm” or “aaaa” while speaking. When the examiner checks for your fluency they also check whether you start from some topic and end in there or you wander.
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You Are Not A Machine

We often overlook the one thing that matters the most. CLIMATE. Well yes. You may argue it doesn’t but the fact remains this that you are a human being. You may be passionate at heart but then the body needs importance as well. The brain may want to work but then the eyes might start feeling the pain. So, don’t just jump onto whatever you get. Remember you are not the beggar, you are the creator. So create well. What should you do?
Well, whatever you have been doing till now, “A little smart work”. REMEMBER

You Are Not A Machine

  1. CHOOSE WISELY-:Most of the universities offer winter and summer classes. It might be the case that during winter season, the cold may be too high in some countries. And selecting the winter season for your abroad study program may become a little difficult for you. So, save yourself from these unnecessary external disturbances.
  2. PREPARE WELL-: While doing the preparations for studying abroad, study the different seasons of the country you wish to go for. And make preparations in that direction.

Always remember it is important to take care of your mind and body to succeed. Even if one fails, you fail. So take care and succeed.

World Beyond

Are you one of those for whom abroad means UK, USA or AUSTRALIA? Are you one of those who either want to study in these countries or just don’t want to study? Well, if you are one of those then get out of those traditional notions. We are in 21st century and the world has now become a global village.
Surely these countries have some good colleges but then all the good colleges are not present here. There are countries like Russia, Malta, Singapore, Switzerland, Hungary, Canada and Ireland that have great colleges and universities. Some countries are even cheaper than the UK, USA.

  1. It is not important where the world is going, but it is important to choose a path so that you can make a better world for yourself.
  2. If you just follow what others are doing you may end up becoming their copy cats. So be original.
  3. The world doesn’t comprise of just two countries. There are many others having great colleges.

So figure out the courses and universities in other countries as well. Choose what best suits you because it is easy to be a sheep but takes “YOU “to be a lion.

Don’t Stop Dreaming


Are you stopping yourself from a career that is meant for you? A career that may take you to the apex of success. Is the reason money? Maybe you are afraid of the money the courses cost for such a career. If you have nodded your head to all the above questions, then there is a deal for you.
You might be wondering what deal? Well, the deal is that some European countries offer free courses. So before planning to study abroad do -:

  1. Check the universities that offer free courses.
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