IELTS Speaking Sample Answer # Films

Films form an integral part of our lives. Most of the people across all over the world love watching films, although of different genres. There are several movies that create an impact on our lives as an individual, there are even some that do impact the society in large. Well, then there are even some movies, that are purely for fun. This time let us have a look at some of the questions that can be asked related to films in the IELTS speaking section, part I.

Do you like watching films?

I do love watching films, but I am not a film maniac. So, you  will not find me every Friday standing outside any of the theatres looking for movies. Or for that matter, watching old movies on television or internet 24/7. Whenever a movie of great story does come in, say for example, barfi or an inspiring film like Chak De, I do go and watch them.

Do you prefer foreign films or Indian films?

I love watching both, the only thing that matters is that the story should be good. I like watching films in which you get your answers for leading a beautiful life. This does not certainly means I love motivational movies. but then even a romcom can teach you so much. So, for me the story matters, every thing else is secondary,

How often do you visit cinema for watching films?

For most part, I like watching films at my home under by blanket. But, when there are lot of my friends going out, I do company them. However, this does not happen very often. So, one can say, if the movie is really nice and we all friends want to have some fun together, we go to cinema.

How do people in your country react to cinema?

Oh! People in my country love cinema and it certainly plays a very important role in our lives. There are so many people who take advance tickets to watch films of their favourite starts. Also, there are people who would just bare standing in lines for the one ticket to watch a film. You could hear claps and then fights taking place or the teary eyes. So, yes people in my country do love cinema and feel connected to it.

What genre of movies do you really prefer?

i love romantic movies the most. For me, the emotion love is the most important emotion of all and I love it when two people fall in love with each other. Some of my favourite romantic movies have been, What happens in vegas, Notebook, crazy stupid love. But, apart from romantic movies, I also like watching comedy movies and sometimes the motivational movies, the ones based on true life incidents.

Which genre of movies do you try to avoid?

I really don’t like horror movies. Not primarily, because I get terrified but because I think movies are there to make you feel relaxed. For me, horror movies, give so much of emotion and excitement that it seems as if some work has been done.

Which was the first movie that you watched?

The first time I watched an entire movie was Stuart Little Our school took the students who had subscribed to the newspaper to a movie hall. For us, most of the class had subscribed. So, the entire class of VI B, that was my section, went to watch the movie in a cinema hall. It was an amazing experience, not only because it was the first time I was watching a movie but because with people I enjoy my school days.

What is your opinion on the people who blindly follow their favourite superstars?

In my opinion, blindly following superstars is like living in a falsehood. Because, when a person blindly starts following the other person, they somehow forget that they are individuals and they have their own identity. Their circumstances and people around are different from their superstars, leading them to a black hole from where it gets tough getting out.



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IELTS Speaking Sample Answer # Emotions

We all have so many emotions. Sometimes we are happy, angry, sad, numb. There are so many things that can trigger emotions in us. It could be your family, love life or career. A bad day or a lovely day, and we all express what we feel through our emotions. Let us today have a look at some of the questions related to emotions.

Do you think it is good to show your emotions when you are angry?

I think to express the reason for anger is good and should be done, because until then nothing can be done to solve the situation. However, harming oneself or others without trying to solve the main reason for anger, is not a very great thing to do. Because, it not only harms you but also others. However, there are other ways to show off anger. Some write, paint or scribble. I think until it is not harmful, anger should be expressed like every other expression.

Do ill mannered people tend to upset you?

Ill mannered people do sometimes tend to upset me because there is so much negativity that they bring along with them. Often times there is no logic behind what they are saying and no reasons for what they are doing. It just becomes in their nature to behave badly, which tends to get annoying. However, if someone behaves rudely rarely, I prefer finding out the reasons for it.


In your opinion, do women show their emotions more than men?

If we go by the stereotype, women tend to show emotions more than men. But, in my opinion, both the genders tend to show emotions equally. However, the emotions that they choose to show are different. For instance, a woman is less likely to show anger as compared to her male counterpart but more likely to show her tears. Also, when a woman is happy she tends to share it with others in a very calm way, however, a man is more likely to show off in a grandiose way.

Does  it upset you when you see children or animals being abused?

It surely does irritates me because these are the two section of society that I believe deserve the love most from us. Children being so innocent are rarely able to raise any voice, accepting every abuse as their destiny. Often times, there are few who raise the voice but their voices don’t get the ears they deserve, may be because they themselves are not able to express well. With animals, I think it is more of shame for us humans to treat them badly. We often forget that they, like we, are equally part of nature.

What is your opinion of the politicians who make promises but are unable to keep?

I believe, often the promises made during the elections are just a glimpse of what they  will do if they get selected more often. So, for example, if the government gets a tenure of say 10 years they might be able to fulfill all their promises. However, when it does not happen, we tend to assume the government did nothing. But, it is also true that more often governments make promises they themselves know are not feasible, keeping the country men in dark.

How do you feel or will feel if your partner flirts with some one else?

I am sure I won’t like it much, who will? But,then it also depends on the situation. Like, sometimes you know, that no matter what the other person is saying is not considerable because of the tone they choose and the mood of the entire situation. However, sometimes one just gets to know that the words being spoken are very literal. I think if ever I felt that I might be cheated I am more likely to leave the relation.

How does a slow computer or mobile phone makes you feel?

Oh!! it makes me feel like a loser, trust me. You know there are times when you want to do things and then when the gadgets starts showing up, it becomes so irritating and when the work if of some one else, you cannot even tell the issues, it is  up to you to face and do something about it. Even more, it spoils the entire mood of doing things.


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Most people prefer shopping in supermarkets to small shops or local markets.

Most people prefer shopping in supermarkets to small shops or local markets.

You should spend 40 minutes on this task.

  • Most people prefer shopping in supermarkets to small shops or local markets. Is this a positive or negative development?
  • Discuss.
  • Write at least 250 words.
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The world is continuously evolving with new infrastructure. With the advent of supermarkets, hypermarkets, and complexes, the way people shop has changed. They have basically sidelined the local markets and small shops. I opine that this is a positive development and this essay will reflect upon a few reasons for the same.

There are various reasons for the popularity of supermarkets. These offer a lot of convenience to the public with various features ranging from multiple payment options to home deliveries. Secondly, they offer quality produce, whether it is a packaged item or fresh produce. Quantity is another strong factor and supermarkets offer generous quantities with more affordable and bargain prices. The produce available in supermarkets is mostly available at fixed prices, resulting in less frequent changes and is less prone to market rate fluctuations. A lot of products generally available are branded, resulting in a more assured and promised buying experience.

These markets are more plush and upmarket, resulting in a better and ambient shopping experience as opposed to the local shops. They offer a plethora of facilities such as hygienic washrooms, televisions, food counters, helpers, trolleys, air conditioning to name a few. Lastly, there is the fact that these places stock everything neatly and display them in an organised manner. This systematic display allows the buyers to purchase in bulk at a cheaper price, consequently reflecting in the form of better spending habits in people. To sum it up, I think these factors have a positive impact on people’s lives and hence, this phenomenon of shopping in supermarkets and avoiding the local shops is a positive one.

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IELTS Writing Sample Answer # Famous at Young

Most people dream of fame and fortune. For some fame comes instantly while others have to go through a rigorous struggle to achieve it. Although some people become successful at a very young age, for others it may take some time.

Some people become famous at a very young age. Is it a good or a bad thing?


In modern times, with the advent of social media, it is quite easy for people to become famous at a very young age. Being famous is not only associated with talent but with hard work too. Some people believe that becoming a known personality at a young age can have several repercussions while others are of the view that age does not matter and it is all about how an individual handles fame.

Being famous brings a lot of social issues along with it which can have a major impact on an individual. People may cheer you up for anything done right and then turn their back on for small mistakes done. For instance, when Justin Bieber started his music career he was instantly admired, but with time, when he started making changes in his lifestyle, there were a lot of accusations that he had to face, jeopardizing his career.

However, being famous at a young age allows you to make all the mistakes that one either ways make, learn from them and move on. A person who is able to handle being famous from a young age tends to grow as a mature adult and venture out in different directions towards the later stages. For instance, the Indian cricketers who got to be in the hall of fame from the beginning could relate to the battles and towards the end of their career, smoothly transit to other viable options.

In my personal opinion, as long as it does hamper personal growth, there is nothing wrong. However, if it impacts the talent of the individual, it is better to grow the talent perfectly, before he or she is shoved off in front of the public.

the fact of an event happening, an invention is made, or a person arriving
Life was transformed for millions with the advent of the Internet.
dilemma a situation in which a difficult choice had to be made between two different things you could do. The president is clearly in dilemma on how to tackle the crisis.
a charge or claim that someone has done something illegal or wrong
There is not a shred of evidence to support his claims.
jeopardizing to put something such as a plan or system in danger of being harmed or damaged She knew that failing in her exams, she could jeopardize her entire career.
viable able to work as intended or able to succeed. Her plans are often viable.
hampers to prevent doing someone from doing something easily Her indecisiveness hampered her career.



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