IELTS Cue Card # Describe a decision that you made

IELTS Cue Card # Describe a decision that you made
Our lives are filled with decisions, the ones that we make and the ones that we do not make or procrastinate to make! Someone wisely said, that our life is nothing but a sum total of our decisions! This time we are looking at a cue card that is talking about a decision that you made with the help of someone else.

Describe a decision that you made with the help of someone else. You should say –

  • what is the decision?
  • why did you took it?
  • whom help did you take?

also, explain, why was the decision so important for you?



Life is nothing but a sum total of all the decisions that we take, the priorities we made. Few years back I had to make a decision, to either take up a job in a reputed company or the one which although pays more is not a very reputed one! For a long time I pondered over the thought and finally decided to go for the company that was paying more.

My goals in life were different from the ones going to the reputed company and there were loans that I had to pay and so I decided to opt for the lesser reputed company. It turned out to be actually the best decision of my life. I was able to pay back my loans faster than many other friends of mine and go for further education. While taking the decision, I had asked my father for advice.

He told me to write down the pros and cons of both the sides and then go for the ones with more pros and less of cons and then stand by it. On doing so, I did ended up making a decision and have not regret it even for a minute of my life. It was the most important decision of my life because it helped me in furthering my future than most of my friends faster.


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IELTS Cue Card Sample Questions # Interesting Thing

Most of us in our lives do many interesting things to make sure that our lives go on in smooth patterns. Sometimes we play badminton, other times cricket or even dance or sing or any other extra curricular activity. This time we are looking at a cue card that talks about an interesting thing that a friend of yours has done.

Describe something interesting that your friend has done. You should say –

  • what is it?
  • who did it?
  • why did you find it interesting?

also, explain, how would have you reacted if you were in the same situation.



Although, I have many friends in my life, but there is one friend of mine who is the most interesting person I have ever met in my life. She is  a techie and a writer with a knack of making jokes. I remember once we all were sitting around doing nothing much exciting and looking forward for our classes. She was reading as well and then all of a sudden stood up and started dancing to no songs.

When I looked around I noticed almost everyone noticing her. Later on, a boy came to ask her if she had gone mad and she forced him dancing him along with her. It was only minutes later on, that everyone started following them and started dancing together. After about an year, I realized why she was doing it. It was our placement time and everyone was very depressed, wondering what will be their future.

She noticed the tension in all of us and tried to loosen all of us, which she was able to do. The reason I found it interesting was because she did it not for herself but for all of us and the guts she put on to carry it, was incredible. Had I been her situation, I think I would have just cracked upon a joke or may be talked it out, but not done something as gutsy as she did.

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IELTS Cue Card Sample Questions # 2018 Series

Music brings soul to so many people’s lives! It teaches us to enjoy life and in many ways helps us to move forward during the tough times of our lives. This time we are looking at some speaking questions about music.

Do you listen to music often?

Music has been a very important aspect of my life and it has helped me to go through all the sad and the happy times. It has not only taught me some great things about life, it has also taught me how to turn around things when nothing seems to be going right.

Do you listen to music when you are studying or driving?

I do listen to music while I am studying or driving as it helps in clearing my mind. The more I listen to music the more I feel relaxed. But, while studying if the work is highly important to me I prefer to do it in solace.

What kind of music do you prefer? Why?

Music is a great thing to listen and I usually prefer the songs that motivate me to be better individual. So, in my playlist it is all about all the motivational songs. There are some rock songs, some country songs and then there are even some Hindi songs.

Do you download music from website or buying a CD? Why?

I prefer buying music from the website, because it is better to store it in the phone than to carry a CD. Either ways, in our current world, the entire world is moving toward digitalization, so I prefer keeping my entire world at one place.

Do you think your taste in music will change in future? Why?

I am not very sure of it, but most probably it will change.

What kind of music do people in your country prefer?

Most people in my country are preferring the Bollywood songs over the newer English songs. However, there is also a good chunk of people who do listen to the Hindi old classics.

Do people in the present listen to the same music that people used to listen in the past?

Music has changed over the past decades. In my country, a few years back, people preferred more of classical music rather than the rock or EDM sort of music. But, with time the taste of individuals has changed. More people are today inclined towards music with lots of beats and mix of different cultures.

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IELTS Speaking Sample Questions # Communication

IELTS SPEAKING SAMPLE QUESTIONS # COMMUNICATION , IELTSBAND7 DEHRADUNCommunication is the way of interacting with people and this interaction is often two ways! You express your opinions and talk your way out. Opinions need to be shared and there are different ways of doing it. You can do it either using spoken words or using written words. This time we are looking at Part III of the speaking section which talks about the ways of communication and the different ways of communicating.

What are the main differences between spoken and written communication?

Spoken and written communications, I believe are two different aspects of communication and come with their own varied differences. Written communication is stronger as compared to the spoken words because it is only when the words are written down so they get the meaning and confirmation to be true.

To what extent do you think the media influences how people communicate with each other?

Media has a major impact on the way people communicate with each other, it is the media that provides the people with the content. Even more, hearing too much of negative news often brings out the worst in individuals as they are surrounded by negativity all the time.

Do you think there are differences in the way men and women communicate?

Men and women are two different species and so do have different ways of communicating. Their thought process is different and their way of communicating henceforth is unique. Although I am not in a favor of grouping the two, most men are likely to be a bit louder, use more humor and while communicating tend to use more flamboyant words. On the other hand, women are slightly gentler when talking. They tend to be more respectful of the other person and use gestures while interacting.

Do you think that people become better communicators as they get older?

Communication is something I believe comes with time. Some people tend to become better as they grow old, but I think it is more of a matter of experience rather than just age. For instance, someone who has always lived a bit aloof with most people might not be good at communicating with people when compared with someone who has been very indulgent with people around.

Do you agree that education has a strong and positive effect on people’s ability to communicate effectively?

Education does not teach much about communication when only going to school or colleges is considered. This is something that most of the generation gets to do. What matters is how the students have utilized the education system. Some of the students get bullied in schools and colleges and this does impact the way of their communication in later life.

What impact has the growth of technology had on the way people communicate and how do you think this will develop in the future?

Technology has seriously impacted the way people communicate more than anything else. Gone are the days when people communicated using letters, we are now communicating in a click using smartphones and the internet. With technologies advancing, things are definitely going to get better or for that matter different. There is a possibility of being able to interact with people in virtual environments as well.

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