IELTS Band7 Dehradun Results of november december 2016

NAMEListeningReadingSpeakingWritingOver all Bands
Shalu Keshav Bir8.58.5778
Aadiraj Singh Bisen8.57888
Shivangi Kotiyal7.
Virander Singh9766.57
Harjot Singh8.57667
Vikramjeet 6.566.566.5
Mukesh Rawat65 .575.56
Varun Aswal6.56.555.56
Mumtaz Parveen6.55.55.566
Rajneesh Raturi5.555.55.55.5
Rajesh Kumar5.55.54.555
Bharat Singh 4.533.54.54
Akash Singh97..57.567.5
Harminder Kumar8.57..576.57.5
Prateek Kahlon8.57..667
Seema Prashar86..57.55.57
Hardeep Kaur -86..576.57
Nandini Verma8.56..57.567
Rahul Negi7.58..6.567
Jaspreet Singh Sihota7.56..
Satvinder Singh Saini66..57.556.5
Nemit Verma85..565.56.5
Vibhesh Nautiyal6.56..6.55.56
Anubhav Manwal6.55..575.56
Aman Darmora6.56..005.55.56
Shivani Joshi65.575.56
Rajneesh Raturi65..756
Parvinder Saini5.55..
Mohd Afaq -4.55..
Siddharth Gurung5.54..555
Ajay Badoni4.53..55.554.5
Gautam Kukreja8.57777.5
Anudeep Kaur7.5
Joseph Philiph86.566.57
Prabh Jot Kaur -86.56.567
Nisha Panwar6.5776.57
Vishal Aggarwal776.577
Amandeep Kaur 7.56.5767
Amber Vorha7
Devanshu Uniyal7
Hambila Angumei7.56.
Ekansh Jain76.5666.5
Kajal Kumari6667.56.5
Mayur Sharma7.57666.5
Nikendra Kumar Rajpoot676.55.56.5
Avantika Pokhriyal7.55.56.576.5
Kuldeep Singh Panwar5.5666.56
Pankaj Bhatt4.54.566.55.5
Deepak Kumar Chauhan665.566
Vikender Bedi5.556.56.56
Dilpreet Singh Bagga5.565.566
Anuj Rathi6.56.565.56
Sneha Ahluwalia66.5666
Nihal Goel6
Rahul 6.555.55.55.5
Dilip Datt5.54.55.565.5
Maninder Singh Saini -55.555.55.5
Upendra Kumar 5.55555
Bisht Amit5.555.54.55
Shalini Sharma5.54.554.55


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Cue Card # future course

Education is the one thing that empowers people and we are living in a time when it is not just about doctors or engineers any more. People are taking so many unconventional courses and doing great wonders. This time let us have a look at the CUE CARD SAMPLE ANSWER for the question asked in RECENT IELTS EXAM.

future course

Making notes

This is something that is going to help you when speaking because not only they give you the structure but also remind you of the vocabulary. Now, there are two parts to the notes that you make.

  1. Vocabulary notes
  2. Detail notes

The topic for the cue card is related to education, courses and your future. Some words, that can help you are –

  • intensive course
  • distance course
  • to meet a deadline
  • take a year out

These are the the answers that you get when you ask the questions to yourself.

Course : photography

Why: help in the blogging business

Where : foreign university like California institute of arts, JJ school of applied arts.

Impact : help in getting good photographs for the blog. make videos and expand the blog.


I had always wanted to do something that I was passionate about. However, the real trouble began when I simply did not knew my passions. So, I took an year out to figure out what really makes me go gaga. In the year out, I realized that I love writing and so started a blog of mine about the travel experiences I was having. With that going on roll, there were certain things the game of blogging told me. Like, you need to be a good photographer as well if you are thinking of planning a travel blog. It just gives you so much more space.

So, I wish to study photography in near time. There have been few universities that I looked on like the University of California and the JJ school of applied arts. They offer some really nice courses and the faculties tend to be really good. Being a good photographer helps in implementing the right thing for the blog. There are times when you get the content looking at the picture. So, when you don’t know the context of the picture you cannot justify the picture.

Even more, when working on a business there is so much more involved in it. One has to learn how to meet deadlines and an intensive course in a good university, just gives  you the right context. With photography, I think I will be able to take the blog to the next level. Bringing in video content like interviews or simply the real true mundane life and writing content to say what the picture could not.



If English is a second language to you, you may feel anxious, especially when the person you are talking to is a native speaker. How to remove this anxiety speaking? But what is anxiety? The feelings that you get when your heart starts beating faster or you start to shake. You may feel nervous. This is anxiety. So, what should you do to get rid of this? Well, you can always follow the tips given below, but remember; just knowing what you should do is not enough. You need to actually inculcate them in your daily life to fight anxiety.

1.Breathe-:Take a deep breath whenever you feel anxious. There are times when you are surrounded by people and you won’t like to do it. But, even in those times, try taking deep breathe; just make sure they don’t see you doing this. The heart that is beating fast calms down when you breathe. So, breathe when you feel anxious.
2.Walk-: Whenever you feel anxious, may be before a presentation or a meeting, take small walk. May be around your room. It can actually calm you down. By walking I don’t mean that you need to take hours of walk just to improve your speaking.

3.Automate language-: You must have heard the old adage,” practice makes perfect”. Automate language means exactly that. When you practice something again and again, your brain starts doing it automatically for you. So, practice English. Practice the expressions, practice more till you start doing it automatically.

4.You need not to be perfect-: When you hear a native speaker, some of you may say wow, they speak so well. But the fact is they make a lot of mistakes. Mistakes in terms of grammar or vocabulary. No one is there to judge you harshly. It is okay to make mistakes as long as you are ready to rectify them or learn from them. Remember, you cannot be perfect on day 1.
5.Mantras-: Mantras are the words you say to yourself. For example, you could have a mantra like;” I am a good speaker”. So whenever you make mistake, say it to yourself. Repeat it again. Language is a powerful tool. You become what you say to yourself, because after all that is what you think. Speak positive to you, even in the times of negativity. Speak positive. Keep the flame of hope burning.
Anxiety is just a problem, and like all other problems it also has a solution. Solve it and live your dream.

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IELTS Speaking Latest Cue Card# Lesiure Activity

The latest cue card is here and we are talking about lesiure activity that you enjoy doing.

Describe a lesiure activity you like doing.
You should say:

  • Where you do it?
  • Who you do it with?
  • Why you enjoy it?
  • And say what kind of people you would recommend that activity to, and why?
Sample Answer:

Today, I’m going to talk about an activity I enjoy doing in my leisure time. It may sound strange but I love watching Bollywood movies. On Sundays, I invite my close friends to my home for a high tea and all of us watch a film together. It is not always a latest movie. Sometimes, we prefer to see old blockbusters which ruled the hearts of millions of Indians in the seventies.
The main reason why I find this activity fun is that I work six days a week, Monday to Saturday. I hardly get time to meet my friends on weekdays. So, this plan acts as a perfect stress buster for all of us. It not only brings us together but also enables us to share our feelings and problems.
Since most of us lead a busy and stressful life these days, we should make sure that we have some time for our family members and friends. I believe that the communication over social networking sites is very different from face-to-face interaction. Online communication is affecting the way we interact with people and the type of relationships we make. It is also killing our ability to build strong relationships with people. Anyone who wants to bring a positive change in their life should try a cup of tea and an entertaining film with your loved ones. I reckon it will do wonders.

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