IELTS Cue Card # Organisation you would like to join

Recent IELTS Cue Card Topic with Sample Answer

Describe a company/organisation you would like to join.
You should say:

    • The name of the company/organization.
    • Where it is located?
    • How you know about this company?

And explain why you would like to work in this company/organisation.

Recent IELTS Cue Card Topic with Sample Answer. Describe a company/organization you would like to join. IELTS Band7 Dehradun Best BAND7 IELTS Dehradun IELTS online simulator IELTS BAND 7 Coaching Classes

Sample Answer

Level IELTS Band9 There are numerous national and international companies in my country. Today, I’m going to talk about an organization I would like to be a part of. The name of the organization is the Indian Space Research Organization, commonly known as the ISRO. It is the space agency of the government of India headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka. It was founded by Dr. Vikram Sarabhai in 1969. The ISRO has many centers which are located in different regions of India. I have a keen interest in celestial objects like stars, galaxies and black holes. My father’s close friend is a scientist in the ISRO. I have learnt a lot about the projects of this organization from him. In addition, I had the opportunity to visit the ISRO Satellite Center on a school trip. Over the last 47 years, the ISRO has emerged as one of the six largest space agencies in the world. It develops and delivers services in various fields. Communication, weather forecast, disaster management tools, geographic information systems, navigation, telemedicine and distant education satellites are some of them. Its mission of using space research for the development of the nation has always inspired me to become a scientist.

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