Cue Card: An animal that you think is interesting.

IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card:

An animal that you think is interesting.

  • Which animal is it?
  • Why do you find them interesting?
  • What are some of their features?
Sample Answer

Animals are some of the most beautiful creations of nature in the world. They differ in their natural habitat, anatomy, and lifestyles. I have had the chance to notice a few of them in the zoos and public parks.

Out of all the animals that I know about, I find the giraffe to be the most interesting animal. The giraffe is one of the most beautiful animals and it can be easily differentiated from other animals due to its extraordinary height. Giraffes can reach up to eighteen meters in height with the maximum due to the length of the neck. There are different types of giraffes are found around the world. They are spectacular, particularly the baby giraffes.

They are beautiful to look at and the towering shape of their throat is particularly attractive. Their coat is possibly the most striking feature with dark brown patches with sharp edges on a light golden or brown background. Their tongues are extremely long and are also used for cleaning their ears. I have seen many giraffes in a zoo. They are vegetarians and are not at all ferocious or dangerous as other animals. Feeding acacia leaves to the smaller giraffes was an overwhelming experience for me. They also run very fast and are always alert for signs of danger in their surroundings. They usually roam around in groups and are a very intriguing sight to look at.

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