IELTS CUE CARD # Describe something you bought but did not use much.


Describe something you bought but did not use much.


You should say:

  • What you bought?
  • When you bought it?
  • Why you bought it?

and explain why you didn’t use it much.


Sometimes, we buy things we think we actually need but we regret that later. Being an impulsive buyer, I usually end up buying things that seem attractive at first but later I realize their futility. Not long ago, I bought a fancy home theatre system for my room. Though my parents were totally against it, I somehow convinced them to let me buy one. It was a newly launched Japanese company’s home theatre system.

Recently, when my room was getting renovated, I wanted to bring some changes to it. After convincing my parents, it kept an accurate consideration of the space required for the home theatre. To install the system, the walls and ceiling of my room needed modification so that it looked completely fit with the surrounding. Therefore, I got my room renovated coming the home theatre in mind.

Being a movie enthusiast, I always dreamt of having a home theatre installed in my house so that I could binge watch my favorite films and TV series. When I saw its advertisement, it really fascinated me. It was the most advanced Home theatre system in the market which offered an excellent audio quality. The realistic 3D sound effect promised theatre like experience.

After using it for a few weeks, I got preoccupied with studies and used it very occasionally. Rearranging the entire system for every use used to be very unhandy for me. As I’m not very technically sound, I find difficulty operating the system due to which I use it very rarely.

(254 Words.)

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