CUE CARD # Describe a club you organized or involved in it.

IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card

Describe a club you organized or involved in it.

  • What type of club it is?
  • What is your involvement there?
  • And explain why it is important to you.

 During my graduation days, I was an active member of the college youth club as I took part in various extra-curricular activities and organized youth clubs as well. Here I would like to talk about a Youth Cultural Club which I was a part of. It was basically a club that encouraged university students to participate in cultural activities. The students irrespective of their field, organized and participated in the events organized by the club such as youth festivals, inter-college competitions.

I was a member of this club for nearly three years. Coming from a commerce and business background, my involvement was basically towards the promotion and management of events organized by the association.  It aimed at enhancing the personal skills and talents of the students thereby boosting their self-confidence, teamwork and time management skills. I felt responsible and mature enough when we had to collaborate for the entire team and worked day and night to make our cultural events a huge success. After graduating, though I’m no longer an active member of the club, I still feel very passionate about everything that I’ve learned there.

The cultural club was a crucial part of my college days as I learned a lot about self-discipline, creativity and facing obstacles during events. Being a part of this club helped me realize that life isn’t a bed of roses and once has to come across criticism from time to time. Before joining this organization, I was more of an introvert but it helped mold my personality and I got great exposure by being a member of this club.

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