IELTS Cue Card Sample Questions # Good Service

Who does not loves restaurant? Well, I would agree that nothing can compare to the food we eat at home and going to restaurants regularly is not only difficult in our pockets but also not the best choice for our health. But, occasionally, going to those fancy restaurants and eating the fancy food, getting served, it is all so beautiful. But, what if, what if you are not served well. Imagine going to a restaurant and waiting for long minutes before you get water and then hours before you get your order. Or for that matter, getting stale food or cold food! The worst of all are the managers who do not try to rectify their mistakes or the service people who behave rudely. This time in our cue card we are talking about the time when instead of bad, you received a really good service.

Describe a time when you received a good service. You should say –

  • what was the service?
  • when and where did you receive the service?
  • whom were you together with?

also, explain why did you like it?


Buying clothes for me has been the toughest thing to do. Not because it is something that bores me but growing up in an environment where I got them from others, I never knew how to buy clothes for myself. The first time I came to a new place for my job, I had to buy clothes and that to all alone. That was a terrible thing to do and when I went to the shopping mall, I felt irritation. The people around came asking if there is something they can help me with, giving me options and I would just go and check them.

I scrolled through the entire mall for about 2 hours checking clothes there and finally picking a set of clothes. Only to realize after a few minutes, that I wanted something else. The cashier there was very kind to me. He asked me to buy those clothes and get them changed the next day if I wished to. And I did exactly the same. The next day I went to the shop asking for a change.

This time, the cashier and his team helped me find the right clothes for me. They were very patient and understood that it is indeed the first time I am buying clothes and it is freaking me out. After hours of trying, I came back finally to the first set of clothes that I bought for myself and fell in love with the shop. The people there were more patient with me than most others. They waited patiently even giving me suggestions on what looks good to me and what does not. While leaving one of them said, “It probably was your first time and therefore was tough. But, keep doing things that you find scary or have never done before.”

That advice has been with me for a life.


The only thing that makes me visit a place again is the service of it and that is true for almost everyone. A few weeks ago along with my mother, I visited a local market in Pipli, a place near Bhubaneswar. The town is one of the most celebrated places in Orissa as people there sell handmade products. Most houses there have shops inside of their homes and earn a livelihood from selling their items.

We reached the place at around 5 and after roaming about and buying different things landed ourselves into a very small shop. But, what looked like to us like just a small shop turned out to the best experience we had in Pipli. The man had a house from where he sold his products. He asked us to move with him and on doing so, we found their entire family telling us all about their articles.

The entire process of buying was no longer about what looked best, but what actually was best. They all told us about how they made it, the colors they used and what time it took. The history of handmade products in Orissa and how it is exported to the entire country. The ways in which they make their lives and the difficulties.

I loved shopping at Pipli because when buying it was not about what I was buying but more about why I was doing it.



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