IELTS Cue Card # A leisure activity you have done with your family

IELTS Speaking Task # Cue Card

A leisure activity you have done with your family.

  • Who was there?
  • When and where did you do it?
  • What was it about?

And explain how you enjoy it.

IELTS Cue Card # A leisure activity you have done with your family. Best IELTS Band 7 Coaching in dehradun


Spending Sundays together has always been a tradition in my family. We engross ourselves in different leisure activities like playing card, going out for a picnic or watching a movie together. But last month, we thought of trying something different. My mother planned to bake a cake for an evening get together, on the occasion of my grandfather’s birthday. The only condition was that every member of the family has to contribute.

As we’d decided to bake a cake, all my family member including my mother, father and brother were assembled in the kitchen. As none of us knew the recipe of a chocolate cake, my mother assigned tasks to everyone.

As I told earlier, the main reason behind baking a cake was my grandfather’s 70th birthday. And it was a small surprise since he always favored family bonding and learning new skills collectively. So we initiated and I made the batter of the cake. My brother was given the responsibility to make the icing and decorate the cake whereas my father had to do the dishes. My mother acted as a supervisor.

Though the cake did not turn out to be that great, it was an enjoyable activity. We sang songs, recalled old memories and cherished the time with my family. On the whole, it was a wonderful experience and I look forward to spending more relaxing time with my close ones.

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