IELTS Cue Card # Talk about a beautiful city

IELTS Cue Card # Talk about a beautiful city

Talk about a beautiful city
• Where it is
• How you came to know about it
• When are you planning to go there
• What you will do there


Sample Answer

There are many beautiful cities across the world. I am quite fascinated by a few European cities but the one I find most interesting is Amsterdam. It is the capital city of Netherlands and is a remarkable feat of planning and development. For a metropolitan city, it has quite laid back feel to it. The city has managed to gel in the modern world aptly while preserving its culture and heritage at the same time.
I am a well informed person when it comes to cities and my geography is pretty good too. Even though I have known about Amsterdam for a long time it’s only recently that my friend came back from there and he gave me a lot of information in detail about the city. At first, I wasn’t impressed and thought it to be like any other city but after seeing pictures on his phone, I realised that I was mistaken and promptly started searching for the city.
Well right now, I am a bit occupied with other work and studies. I’ll be free in the coming summer so that’s when I am planning to visit Amsterdam. It’ll be once in a life kind of experience and shortage of funds is something that should not bother me while, I am on the trip. I am working overtime right now and saving every last penny for the trip. As of now there are two of us planning to go and currently in conversation with a few more friends as the more the merrier. We might even go to France from there but let’s see how it goes.
It is a beautiful place and it has great infrastructure. The city is full of canals and coffee shops. What fascinates me the most is the preferred mode of transport of the locals. More than half the population uses bicycle as a mode of transport and I’ll be doing the same too. The national history museum is quite famous too and it houses some of the most lucrative pieces of artefacts mankind has ever witnessed. Since I am quite fond of clubbing and Amsterdam is the EDM (electronic dance music) capital of the world I’d try and visit as many as I can on my trip. (375 Words)



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