IELTS Cue Card # Describe a worth watching theatrical performance.

IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card

Describe a worth watching theatrical performance.


    You should say:    

  • what the performance was about
  • where it took place
  • how was the acting and quality of the production
  • and explain why it was worth watching.

Indian theatre is one of the ancient forms of the Asian theatre that has prevailed since centuries. The modern theatre of my country mainly consists of university drama communities that generally have a message to deliver to the spectators. The play that I watched was about a response to a violent gang rape and subsequent death of a student in 2012 in Delhi. This rape case shocked the whole country and people greatly sympathized with the victim and the family. 

Recently, on my visit to Delhi, my cousin took me to attend a theatrical show that was being organized in his University. I was more curious to watch it when he told me about the theme of the play. 

The play’s name was ‘Nirbhaya’ which symbolizes ‘fearless’ in Hindi. The play was written and produced by a renowned South-African playwright and the entire cast and backstage workers were Indian. This play mainly aimed to break through the silence among women who have suffered gender based violence. The quality of production and the whole performance was remarkable and it could easily be observed by the audience’s expression and applause. 

I consider that this theatrical show was a thought-provoking one as it delivered the message of societal change that is much required in our community. It was a compelling depiction of the awful truth that an innocent student had gone through when she boarded a bus with her male friend in the busy streets of Delhi. The hard-hitting truth clearly shows that we could not be silent anymore. Lastly, it was the most powerful and emotional theatre play that I’ve ever seen.

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IELTS Cue Card Sample Questions # Rule in School

IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card Sample Questions

Describe a rule that you did not like in your school.

You should say :

  • what was it?
  • how did others think about this rule?
  • have you ever violated this rule?

explain why you did not like this rule?


School days have been the best days of my life and no matter what I believe we all have memories attached to them. They do bring nostalgic moments in us. I studied in a convent school and there were many rules but the one that I did not like was if someone had not the proper dress, they would be sent out of the assembly and delayed for the first lecture. Our school had prefects and their job was to make sure that we all were in our proper dresses. Even a tint of error and we would be thrown out. Being an average person, I never had those perfect shoes or dress and so most of the times I would be out.

I remember once it became so frequent that people accepted it as my nature. The reason I did not like this rule was that, at some point in my life, I had an inferiority complex because of this. Children would make fun of me because of this and we would fight. Because of missing the first lecture, I did miss out on some very important things that were taught and it did impact my studies.

Most of the people in my school had no issues with this rule. Probably, because they always did wore the right dresses and shoes. But, there were few like me, who used to be out because of our neatness. I remember making friends all the way during this time. We would laugh and giggle sometimes. But initially, it was quite rough for all of us and I believe there could have been a better way of teaching us the importance of maintaining a dress code.

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