IELTS speaking # Describe a journey that didn’t go as you planned?

IELTS speaking task cue card

Describe a journey that didn’t go as you planned?

  • Where were you going?
  • What was your planning?
  • What went wrong?
  • And explain what you would have done differently
Sample Answer

Vacations are supposed to be a fun break from the monotonous routine of our lives though sometimes it doesn’t go as expected. It reminds me of an incident of a failed solo trip I planned. After being inspired by various YouTube travel bloggers, I decided to at last tick it off my bucket list and got my bookings done for Andaman & Nicobar Islands. I researched quite a lot before my trip to avoid any major obstacles.

I booked my flight for the journey from Delhi to Port Blair from where I had planned to take a hotel to refresh myself for the sightseeing. It was a four days trip in which my idea was to cover Port Blair, Havelock Islands, Neil Islands and then return to Port Blair. Going by people’s advice and my own research, I had kept all the necessary things that might be necessary.

Everything was going as planned until I arrived at my destination. It was the climate of the place that didn’t suit me and I started to feel nauseous as soon as I landed. When I looked for my medical kit, I noticed that it was missing. I somehow reached my hotel by booking a cab where I found a Wi-Fi connection as there were network issues in the entire area. After contacting my family and telling them about my whereabouts, I went to see a local doctor and on my way back I lost my wallet. After pleading to some of the locals and telling them about my situation, they helped me reach the hotel. On the second day, after reaching my hotel at Havelock, I realized that I booked it for the previous date instead due to which I had to pay an extra amount to stay there. Later, my guide informed me about the unpredicted weather conditions due to which I had to spend my next two days in the hotel room as red alert was declared in the entire area.

As it is rightly said that to err is human, I learned quite a lot from the mistakes I made. Though I faced many hurdles during my journey, I realized that due to my carelessness and irresponsibility, I spoiled most of the enjoyable part of my first solo-trip. Had I been more cautious and accountable towards my bookings and carrying my medicines, it would have been a more gratifying experience.

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IELTS Cue Card #building with architectural interest

Describe a building/structure with architectural interest.

You should say:

  • what is it
  • what is the historical significance of it
  • why should we preserve it

and describe the building/structure in details.


Sample Answer :

The Leaning Tower of Pisa also popularly known as Tower of Pisa is an interesting and amazing  structure situated in the Pisa city of Italy.  It is the third oldest structure in Pisa’s Cathedral Square and very famous for its unintended tilt to one side. The site is flocked by tourists all over the world and is considered a major attraction.

The height of the tower is around 183 feet. The width of the tower is higher in the lower part. The tower has 296 steps and offers a great architectural and artistic value to the world. The tilt of this tower was never planned. It occurred unintentionally. During the construction phase, the tilt was created due to the inadequate foundation on the soft ground. Later this tilt increased until the structure was stabilised. Around 200 years were taken to build this greatest structure.

There are some debates about the real architect of this world famous structure and it has been credited to Guglielmo and Bonanno Pisano who are considered to be the architects of this structure. But recent studies imply this credit to Diotisalvi as the original architect. This is still a never ending debate.

This structure has many historic significance and was one of the seven medieval wonder of the world. The structure was built initially by the people of Pisa to show the value and importance of the Pisa city and justify their place in the world. The plan included a cathedral, a baptistery, a bell tower and a cemetery. The construction began at around 1173 and completed in the middle of 1300.

This famous tower is not known only for the great beauty of its Romanesque architecture but also for its historical significance. It is of great cultural and social importance to its people. The famous astronomer Galileo Galilei is said to have dropped a cannon ball and a musket ball bot hat a time from the Tower of Pisa to prove that weight does not affect the dropping speed of an object. This place has scientific importance too.

This structure was listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987 and had been very famous as one of the Seven Wonders of the Medieval World. I will surely like to visit it some day.

Follow-Up Questions :

Q1. Why are historical places considered famous?
Ans Historical places are a gateway for the curios souls. They give us an insight about the ancient rites and rituals and act as a bridging agent between the past and the present. Historical places describe the art and culture of the old times and its super fascinating.

Q2. How has architecture  developed over the years ?
Ans The buildings made in the past were generally large area structures that had lot of minimal and stones that were used in their making. The architecture today is more about glamourous and fashionable looking structures. People use variety of iron and glasses for the same purpose.

Q3. Tell us something about the historical places or places of architectural interest in your city.
Ans I currently reside in Dehradun. The city is truly a heaven’s abode and it holds lot of tourist attractions. The famous places are robber’s cave, forest research institute, Indian Military Academy and the list goes on. It is a place which I will surely recommend to people to visit.

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