IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card: Talk about a free day from work or study that you enjoyed.

IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card:

Talk about a free day from work or study that you enjoyed.

  • When did you have this relaxing day?
  • Where did you spend this day?
  • What did you do on that day?
  • Explain why was it relaxing?
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Sample Answer

The modern lifestyle is definitely a busy one and the workload of studies becomes very tiring sometimes. In such situations, a day off or a holiday is always a welcome treat. I have had many such breaks from work but a memorable experience was during my first job.

It was during the summers right after my graduation and I was working on a project with a deadline that was very near. Soon my team completed the project and we were rewarded with a day off after the submission date. This was a rather unexpected surprise but definitely a pleasant one. It was a Wednesday and I remember having a very tranquil day. In fact, I had spent the whole day unwinding as per my whim more than the usual holidays.

I woke up an hour later than I usually do on weekdays and spent the morning riding my motorcycle to a faraway cafe for a morning ride coupled with a breakfast. Later in the afternoon, I lazed around the house reading a book. I had ordered food from a nearby restaurant as I did not want to cook. In the evening, I went to meet a friend and we had a long conversation with delicious food and cold drinks. I then returned to my house at around ten in the night and drifted off into a deep and comfortable sleep.

Overall, it was a relaxing day because it came as a reward after a lot of hard work. Naturally, I was feeling good about it and wish for more such days to keep coming up on my calendar.

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