IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card: Talk about a person who you wanted to become like while growing up?

IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card:

Talk about a person who you wanted to become like while growing up.

  • Who is the person?
  • How do you know him?
  • Why do you want to become like him?
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Sample Answer


I have been inspired by many people in my life due to their habits and ways of living life. There are many people in my life who have had exemplary conduct and principles of leading life. They have set a good example for me and also guided me onto the right path at all times. Among these people my paternal uncle’s contribution is unforgettable.

My uncle is an upstanding citizen who has led his life with honesty and gratitude. As a high ranking army officer he has always taken wise decisions pertaining to his official duties and as a family man. The basic values of humanity and the importance of education are always the crux of his teachings. He is about to retire from his job and leads a peaceful life with contentment and satisfaction.

From my childhood, he has given me his affection and mentorship with strictness. He gave me guidance every step of the way, taught me moral values through practical lessons and real-life examples. He has also helped me with my studies and helped me make important decisions in life.

Growing up, I learned a lot from his actions and from what he had to say. I admire and respect him the most and consider him to be my role model due to his uncompromised honesty and integrity. I wish to follow in his footsteps and have tried to imbibe all the values and the positivity that his personality exudes. I believe that everyone should have a role model who teaches them the art of living.

Grammar Usage:-

Have had – Present Perfect tense.

Example – We have had some problems with our computer systems recently.

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IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card: A faraway place that you would like to visit

IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card:

A faraway place that you would like to visit.

  • Which place is it?
  • When do you plan to visit it?
  • Why do you want to visit it?
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Sample Answer

Travelling is wonderful to experience and learn new things. I am a person who enjoys travelling and exploring new places. Travelling according to me is a great way to relax and unwind while making new experiences and memories.

Talking about a faraway place, it is an island named Bali in Indonesia. One of the most charming places in the world, it is a bouquet of beauty. It is famous for its volcanic mountains, beaches, sunset scenes, coral reefs, resort towns, temples and many more local landmarks. One can relax here in many ways and there is a lot to do and to explore.

I came to know about the island from a friend who had visited there last year. I looked it up on the internet and was instantly smitten by its natural beauty. The intriguing geographical characteristics of the island make for a host of wonderful places to visit, which is really interesting. My probable visit here would be in January next year and would be relatively easier than any other country like Canada or the United Kingdom. The visa process is very easy and the travel costs are affordable. The Indonesian currency is very cheap in comparison to the Indian rupee making the food and lodging costs highly affordable for the Indian visitors.

I have already visited and explored most of the Indian states and enjoyed the things they have to offer. I now wish to explore other lands to experience new cultures, meet new people, and to have a glimpse of what the other parts of the world look like. These are a few reasons as to why I wish to travel to Bali for a vacation.

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