• Describe a Talkative Person

    • Who is he/ she
    • How do you know him / her
    • Do you like him / her

Sample Answer :

I’ve come across different people in my life. Some of them are expressive and loquacious while others like to keep their thoughts within themselves. Today I, d like to talk about the most talkative person I know who happens to be my cute five-year-old niece. Her name is Meher and she is such a chatterbox that in her company, no other form of entertainment is needed. She speaks to me on the phone each day for almost an hour. Her stories revolve just around everything -what she has worn, what she did in her school, a new animation movie that she has seen and what she would like to receive as her birthday present etc. Speaking to her not only makes me forget all my worries but also takes me back into my carefree childhood days. Sometimes I just wonder why we lose our innocence and spark when we grow up. Having said that, I just want to enjoy the time I get to spend with her. I wait eagerly for her vacations when she can come and spend few days with me. She lightens up not just my home but also my neighborhood with her smile, giggles and a captivating personality.
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