IELTS Speaking Sample Questions # Money

Money, no matter what, is the most important commodity we have in our lives. We are sure that money cannot buy happiness but without it, most people do end up having depression. This time we are looking at questions asked in the IELTS speaking section related to the importance of money, its impact on young people and society. Before we begin, let us have a look at some of the vocabulary words related to money, young people and society.

  1. barter – to trade without using the money
  2. counterfeit – fake money made in order to deceive
  3. denomination – the face value of a banknote, coin, or postage stamp.
  4. foreign exchange – it is used to describe the currency of other countries and the system for dealing in such currencies
  5. mortgage – a legal agreement by which a bank, building a society, etc. lends money at interest in exchange for taking the title of the debtor’s property, with the condition that the conveyance of title becomes void upon the payment of the debt.
  6. standing order – an instruction to a bank to make regular payments
  1. adolescence – a period of time when a person is developing into an adult
  2. generation gap – a term used to describe a big difference between the younger generations and the adults
  3. juvenile – a person who is young enough not to be considered old. ( In India, below 18)
  1. ancestors – the older generation of your family
  2. rebel – someone who goes against an authority
  3. prejudice – having a negative view of someone because of their age, gender, race or religion
  4. extremist – a person whose strong views are not held by the society


Why do some parents give money to their children some fortune to spend each week?

There could be several reasons for it. Possibly, the child is living away from the parents, like in a hostel, it becomes important therefore for the child to have some fortune in hand. There are even parents who want their children to be financially intelligent. Like, a friend of mine got 400 each week and it was his responsibility to make sure his expenses are met. Initially, he fumbled and we thought his parents made a mistake. Looking back at it, I believe, my friend is now more financially active because he knows how to take care of money, which in turn has helped him in real life.

Do you agree that schools should teach children how to manage money?

Teaching children how to manage money could be beneficial, but I believe this must be done only in the later years of school. Probably in the Intermediate years of the school. Money is an important aspect of our lives but education is far more. It could be possible that a child gets engrossed so much in the money aspects that he or she forgets about having fun in life. But, teaching it in the intermediate years, will make children a bit more responsible.

Do you think it is a good idea for children to earn money while studying?

Part time jobs have become the rage of this millennia and most students do take up jobs when studying. I believe doing jobs simultaneously with studying helps in higher education. Not only do they provide a real time experience to students, they make them understand which profession would be correct for them. But, then, one must not do a job at the cost of education. So, skipping school for the job might not be the best thing. One can always do work during holidays and have the best of both worlds.

Do you think in today’s society money cannot buy happiness?

Money always has the power to make you feel happy although it can never get the satisfaction one can get with their loved ones. But, to an extent, money does make it possible for people to extend their happiness. For example, two friends can have more fun on a trek than sitting at home and for a trek to happen, money is important. So, I think ,money does not brings happiness but surely can act as a catalyst.

What disadvantages do you think a society where the gap between rich and poor is large has?

A society with a huge gap between rich and poor often ends up being a depressed and a falling society. Society is like a train with wheels and if the last wheel is broken or is not functioning properly, the entire vehicle will slow down. One of the biggest short backs is the higher crime rates. The more the number of poor people, researchers say, more are the crimes. It also decreases the health levels. A society where most people cannot have good health care will lead to a society with mostly ill people. All of this will lead to a depreciated.

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IELTS Speaking Sample Questions # Workplace

Steve Jobs once said, ” Do what you love” and “Don’t settle”. Your work life is going to occupy a major part of your lives and so make sure that you are doing what you love. However, it is sometimes not just about the work that you do but also about the place in which it is done. This time we are looking at IELTS speaking sample questions asked in a recent exam related to the workplace.

What things make an office comfortable to work in?

There are a lot of things that help in making work easier at a workplace. But, I believe the people around are the most important role takers to make the workplace amazing. Being with people who motivate you to do better work, brings a person back to the place. Having people who criticize or carry negative energy along with them take away the interests in the work place. Apart from this, I believe, the policies of a company and the facilities provide help with an individual.

Why do some people prefer to work outdoors?

Interests vary for every person and there are people who are outgoing and so do prefer an outdoor job. The most interesting thing about working outdoors is every day seems a new day because the people
around change, the place changes, and the experiences vary. When working indoors it is mostly the same place and the same set of people, which often make life seem monotonous.

Do you agree that the building people work in, is more important than the colleagues they work with?

I move in the opposite direction in regard with this. I believe the colleagues we work with is more important than the building we work in. A person can be in a state of the art architecture but surrounded with negative people and would not be able to bring out the best in himself or herself. But, competitive and yet supportive people do help in making work better. The building a person works in is important as well, but I believe it is more about the people.

What would life be like if people didn’t have to work?

Life would have been boring for sure if people did not work at all. Humans are designed as such that until and unless they do creative things, or build things it does satisfy them. Curiosity has always been the mother of all inventions and it takes work to execute things. Having said that, surely if people did not have to do work simply for money and could do the work that they love, it would have made life more beautiful for every body.

Are all jobs of equal importance?

Definitely yes. If we look at it from the perspective of the society, all of them are important. Imagine if all the sweepers go on strike, the world would be a dirty place. But, from the outlook of an individual, I believe a person must always give priority to a job that helps them boost their creativity. For example, having to choose between coding and cooking, I’d prefer coding because it not only makes me happier but also allows me to bring in the creative side of me.

Why do you think some people become workaholics?

I believe, like depression, Workaholics are people who do need attention. Most people often turn towards work with a coffee or a cigarette in their hand and it is mostly to run away from reality. Working on your dreams is good and one must do it, but not having even a single person to your side often could lead to frustration.

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