Japan says YES to IELTS

Japan says YES to IELTS

Slowly but surely IELTS finds its way into the Japan – more universities joined the list of many others already recognizing IELTS in the Japan.
Japan has opened its borders to IELTS. Organizations in Japan to recognize IELTS – surely others will follow and it’s just a matter of time. Approximate 20+ organizations and universities accepting IELTS. There is the list of some of them.

Carnegie Mellon University, Japan
Doshisha University, The Institute for the Liberal Arts
EIKEN Foundation of Japan
Fujitsu Asia Pacific Scholarship Program
Hokkaido University
International Christian University
International University of Japan
Keio University
Kumamoto University
Nagoya University
NIC International College in Japan
Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University
Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
Ritsumeikan University (College of International Relations)
Saitama University, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Sophia University
Temple University – Japan
The University of Tokyo
Tohoku University
Tokyo Institute of Technology
University of Tsukuba
Waseda University
Winchester Shoei College


Study/Work Abroad # Essay For IELTS

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic :

These days, more and more people are going to other countries for significant periods of time, either to study/work abroad. There are clearly many benefits to doing this, but people who live abroad can also face some difficulties.

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of living and working in foreign.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.


We are living in a globalised world where the boundaries have become blur and mixture of cultures has led way to new way of thinking. With this, more and more people tend to move abroad for either study or work purposes. This has brought a new sense of connection between the different countries of the world. However, it has also led to the fading of the originality of a place.

Living or studying abroad, brings with it, its own advantages. Firstly, a person becomes more acquainted with the world picture. For instance, a student who pursues his studies in abroad, gets to meet people from various cultures. This brings at home great knowledge which will stick with him or her throughout his or life. Secondly, the feeling of unity gets reignited. No matter, how many boundaries have been made, humans are very much similar. This shuffling, if done with harmony, can create an environment where people with different approaches can live together and may be create something unique.

On the other hand, this movement has often lead to some serious issues as well. Like, USA has been regarded as the technology hub of the world, and due to this reason mostly talented people flock to it, leaving behind a country which needs them. Even more, often times this creates a feeling of congestion in a country. Studying abroad brings with it various new things. But if done incorrectly, it could turn out to be a disaster for the student. For example- the scholarship may turn out false, the course may be tough for the student or the climatic situation creates irritation.

Overall, in my opinion, although there is no issue in shifting to a new country, but if done just because others are doing, it could turn out to be nightmare.  Also, sticking to the roots and doing something for one’s own country always brings more sense of pride.


People You Will Meet # Study Abroad

Abroad Study is a dream for many, but if you get the chance, there is lot of fun waiting for you. You will meet different kinds of people, learn about various cultures, get to know about the various foods available and look the world with a better perspective. Before your excitement doubles, let us have a look at the kinds of people you will surely meet in abroad.

These are the people, you will be warned about. They frequently commit frauds and will try to sell goods, tours or special accesses to you. Do not fall for them. Stick with your host family and enjoy your experience.
Some people just tend to hate foreigners and they are every where. They might not like your ignorance or may be your behavior. No matter what you do some people will not sympathize with travelers. All you can do is, be polite and try your best language.
People You Will Meet


You will be lost at some point in your travels. Let’s face it. No matter how good your map is, if you’re in a foreign city, you just don’t know the lay of the land. Whatever the situation be, there will certainly be some people who will be ready to help you or guide you. Remember to accept the offered help and thank them well.
These are the people you must be familiar with. They are the ones, who know their place well and will be invaluable to you as you try to go about daily life and school in another country. However, you unofficial guide will probably have a better understanding of the nooks and crannies of the city so pay attention to them.
This is the person who is as confused as you are with this place they’re in. Your mutual stumbling through the local language will help you help each other learn and grow in a mutually confusing and difficult time. This may turn out to be your closest friend amongst the ones you make overseas.
MOM?? Confused? Obviously, you will not find your real mom there, but surely there will be someone who will take care whether you had food or not? Or if there is any issue in your life. She is the person, you will remember for your entire life. Make sure you give her gifts, once you go back home.
he people will be great company, great help, and great people. Make sure to keep them close even when you head back home.


More Countries To Consider# IELTS

Earlier we talked about some of countries that one can choose for studying abroad. What we talked? . Let us have a look at some more countries to consider while planning to study abroad.

WHY CONSIDER IT ?? New Zealand is fast becoming a destination of choice for the Indian students. For the period of January-July 2014 the number of new applicants applying for visa from India increased to 123% as compared to the previous year.
WHAT COURSES SHOULD I TAKE?– Agriculture & the Environment, Architecture and Building, Arts, Humanities & Social Science, Business & Management (non-MBA) and Computing & IT are some of the exciting courses offered in New Zealand Universities.
Over 100 institutions across New Zealand accept IELTS.
more countries


WHY GO THERE? United Kingdom has strong cultural, educational and commercial ties with India. Every year approximately 20000 Indians are invited by United Kingdom to study.
THE BEST COURSES – Business and management studies, law, sociology and social studies, art and design and computer science/IT are some of the fields in which United Kingdom provides excellent education.
Over 800 students across United Kingdom accept IELTS.
United States of America is one of the most sought after countries, while studying abroad, and well, there are reasons for it. Go check out our category on UNITED STATES OF AMERICA on why you must choose this country?
Over 3,200 institutions in in the USA accept IELTS.

When you plan to study abroad make sure that you are well equipped, with a good score in IELTS, a good university chosen and a perfect course chosen. Remember, it is a life time experience, make sure it changes your life for the good.

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