IELTS Listening Sample Questions # Global Warming

The audio has been taken from BBC 6 minutes English.

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Answer the following questions in NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS

  1. How much has the average temperature of the Earth’s surface increased in the last hundred years?
  2. Which country is collecting cow emissions to convert it into a usable energy?
  3. How long can a car run on the energy provided by the cow emission?
  4. Which word is used as the synonym of pledged?
  5. What are the plants which remove salt from sea water to produce drinking water called?
  6. What is the phrase used for something that has been prepared locally?
  7. Which word is used to refer to the fact that something has the good value for the money you pay?
  8. What is the organization of complex activity called?


  1. 0.85
  2. Argentina
  3. 24 hours
  4. promised
  5. desalination plants
  6. home grown
  7. cost efficient
  8. logistics


IELTS Speaking Part 3 Questions # Cell Phones

In a recent post, we talked about the cue card where one was not allowed to use cell phones. This time we are looking at the part 3 questions related to the cue card on cell phones.

What is the impact of cellphones?

Like most technologies, cellphones surely have made a place in our day to day lives. With the coming of smart phones, people now use it for almost everything. Gone are the days when people bought cameras. The only people who buy cameras nowadays are either the camera lovers or professional photographers. So, the general public has now become a photographer. People carry phones everywhere because they need the next most important thing, internet. Internet allows people to communicate and do so much more. I think cell phones have in a way changed the way people live their lives.

What do you think about people who speak loudly on cellphone in public places?

Be it public place or anywhere, speaking loudly on phone, I believe is quite unethical. When one speaks loudly on phone, firstly it disturbs the other person on phone. The disadvantage with phones has been that one cannot see the expression of other when talking, so speaking loudly could be taken any ways. Apart from the person on the other end, it also creates nuisance for the people around.

Do young people use cellphones the same way old people do?

I think definitely  not. But for that matter, in my opinion it is not just about old and young, it is also about two different individuals. I have seen older people loving whatsapp and facebook and using it extensively. And even some young, who prefer not using them. But, if we take it in a more general way, young people often click photos and listen to music or probably play games on the phone. However, older people are more fond of chatting with their peers.

What is your opinion on selfies with cell phone?

Selfies are a great way of expressing oneself. But, overdone, just like other things does great avoidance. Selfies in a positive way, do help a person knowing their individuality. So, it tells that one need not to be part of something to be happy. In my opinion its good, only if not done extensively.

Are cell phones important to you?

Well being the part of the 21st century, yes cell phones are important for me. I need it to do my work and communicate with people. But, certainly not the smart phones have much importance in my life. I think any phone that allows me to communicate well with others, is important.



IELTS Cue Card Latest Question # Mobile Phones

Most people in the world have changed the way they use mobile phones! Gone are the days when phones were just a medium of communication. In the present era, they are much more that! With the integration of mobile phones and internet, one can find people using them almost everywhere. This time we are looking at a cue card when one was asked not to use their mobile phone.

Describe a situation where you were not allowed to use your mobile phone. You should say :

  • when was it
  • where were you present
  • what did you do

also explain, how did you felt when you were separated from your phone

  • Puri
  • visited Jagannath temple
  • was asked to keep phones outside the temple
  • took a coupon and placed the phone in the counter
  • felt bad initially
  • had plans of clicking photos
  • felt more peaceful and enjoyed the temple visit

Travelling is something that I do love and when I was posted in Bhubaneswar for an year, I did visited Puri. Puri is around 60 kms from Bhubaneswar and in there is the most relegious temple of India, the Jagannath temple. I visited the temple with a plan of clicking photos at every nook and corner of the temple and write a blog about it. But, to my surprise, I was asked to keep my phone outside the temple. At that I carried two phones and although I felt that may be carrying a camera phone was not allowed. But, I was stopped from carrying my other low end phone as well.

What I came to know later on what that the temple people want you to focus only on the temple visit and get a hold of the ambience of the temple. Irritated initially, I entered the temple and did visited every part of it. But, I think not having a phone for an hour helped me connect with myself in a better manner. At that point, I had no other option but to live in the very moment.

There was no chaos for clicking photos nor for picking any calls or listening to music. I ended up thanking the temple committee for not allowing phones in the arena.


IELTS Cue Card Latest Question # Change

The world is growing and changing everyday and we most certainly can see the changes everyday in our surroundings. It could be a new building that is coming up in the city or a flyover that will change the way transport happens. This time we are looking at a cue card that talks about a part of your city that is changing and tries to note down the points on your feelings about it.

Describe a part of your city that is changing. You should say :

  • where is it
  • how is it changing
  • why is it changing

and explain, how do you feel about this change.


  • Dehradun
  • already beautiful. part of smart city plan
  • flyover construction on the national highway roads
  • reduce traffic
  • helps transportation bus to go on their smooth pace without affecting the normal lives pace
  • great attempt by the government to ensure safety at roads and faster movement

Our country is seeing major changes in the recent years. With economy of our country growing, the shift has now come towards making the country a better place to live in. As a result, our government has decided to make 109 cities in the country as smart cities and Dehradun also falls under this plan. We have seen in the present day, the construction of sewers and water pipe line all over the city. But, I think one major change that I would like to talk about is the flyover construction on the national highway roads.

All through the city, there are three major highway out of which two are used for daily communication as well. Construction of flyover took place on these roads. Although, during the construction we faced lot of issues. Because, the road got narrower and until the flyover was made, everyone had to go through it making it difficult to traverse through those path. Even more, there was lot of dust left during the flyover making.

However, once completely constructed it made our lives so much more easier. We had to not bother about those racing trucks as they usually passed over the flyover. This helped in reducing the traffic and more importantly the risk of accidents. I believe it was a brilliant step taken by the government to ensure safety as well as faster pace for everyone while commuting.



the action of building something, typically a large structure.


bridge carrying one railway line or road over another.


travel some distance between one’s home and place of work on a regular basis.

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