Common Mistakes in Writing Task 2

Common Mistakes in Writing Task 2

Common Mistakes in Writing Task 2

Below are some extremely common mistakes made by candidates in their Writing Task 2 essays. Can you correct them?

1. In the present time

2. Due to globalization, we have western products in my country.

3. There are many problems in the social

4. The traffic is very jam

5. There are many drug addicted

1. Should be ‘at present’.

2. ‘Due to’ cannot go at the beginning of a sentence – it should be: ‘We have western products in my country, due to globalisation’.

3. ‘Social’ is an adjective – should be: ‘society’ (n).

4. ‘Jam’ or ‘traffic jam’ are nouns – here you need an adjective to describe the traffic, so it should be: ‘The traffic is very jammed’… although nobody ever says that – just try ‘the traffic is bad’ or something similar.

5. ‘Addicted’ is an adjective – should be: ‘drug-addicts’ (n) 084390 00086 , IELTS Band7, 323, GMS Road, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001

Writing Test Task 2



There are a number of standard “phrases” required when writing a “Task Two” essay for the IELTS Writing Test, and candidates often use these incorrectly.

For example, when introducing an opinion people often write, “In my opinion”, which is, of course, correct. But this introductory phase often gets written as “In my idea” or even “In my thinking”, which are far from correct.

Aside from this, candidates often get mixed up and use incorrect word forms (for example, a noun rather than a verb, etc.) in their sentences.

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Purpose of the IELTS Writing

purpose of the IELTS Writing

The purpose of the IELTS Writing Module is to:

1.Establish your ability to answer perform a task correctly using facts and figures.

2.Establish your ability to answer questions where facts and figures are not given and where your opinions, thoughts, and views need to be expressed.

The Writing Module always has the same format:

The test is 60 minutes long, there are always two sections (or ‘Tasks’): 084390 00086 , IELTS Band7, 323, GMS Road, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India 248001

Strategies for improving IELTS score

Strategies for improving your IELTS score

Strategies for improving IELTS score

Meeting the task requirements
When you begin the writing test, look at the illustration (flow chart, diagram etc) and try to work out what the important stages are, the order they occur and any obvious reasons for the order. Your report must include every stage shown in the diagram or flow chart.

When looking at the illustration, be careful to distinguish stages which happen concurrently. (A is performed at the same time as B) and others which are alternatives (either A or B is performed). The flow chart given in the Sample Task demonstrates this problem. Look at the stages for the writing test. In the second stage we can see that the writing paper is marked by an examiner. It is then sent to the examination board while at the same time the marks are sent to an administrator. These events occur concurrently. In the final stage, the papers are either stored or reassessed. These events are alternatives.

It may happen that the diagram does not make much sense to you at first glance. Look for a starting point and follow through the stages in your mind before beginning to write. If it’s still not making sense, then go on to Task Two but make sure that you give yourself 20 minutes to complete the report before the end of the writing test time. It often happens that our brains can sort problems out for us even when we are focusing on something else.



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