IELTS Speaking Sample Questions # Neighbours

We all live in a society with people around us. However, in the busy schedule that we all have molded ourselves into has led to us not having much contact with people around us. This time we are looking at some speaking questions related to neighbors.

Do you know the people who live next door to you?

I live in a society where we all have independent homes with a park in between the houses. Although, initially we were unaware of each other, with time we all have come to know each other. So, in spite of the busy schedule we have, we usually spend some time together in the weekends.

What kind of relationship do you share with your neighbors?

Well, it is more of a friendly relation because we both work for the same company and share our cars to work together. It is almost like a family friend and we do help each other out in tough situations.

Being a bachelor, I spend most of my time either working or studying or being part of some extra curricular activity. So, rarely do I get to spend time with my neighbors. However, I do know that there is a old couple that lives next to my house and we do pass smiles when we meet.

How can neighbors be helpful?

Neighbors, I believe are a family away from home. So, it is not only about just helping you in need, for example, in cases of emergency but also provide the emotional support when needed. There are times when we do get exhausted and then having someone to talk near by is something that really helps in the busy lives that we lead.


What kind of problems can people have with neighbors?

Although, I do believe neigbours are people you would love to have, but then having people beside you who don’t understand basic nature of living, are truly a mess. For example, people who play loud music or those who ring your bell and run away. Then there are some people who tend to bitch about you in front of others. I think probably these are the kind of neighbors you would rather not have.

What do you like about your community?

I think the best part about my  community is that it is very safe and secure. Not only because of the guards and the cctv cameras, but because people know each other. So, if there is a problem you have got lot of people who can back you up. This I think is very important and although, there are some cases where I need to settle in, I really do love my community.

Are there any old people living in our society? What is their relationship with other members?

Not many, but yes there are some old people living in our society and since most of us are bachelors or very young, we treat them as part of our family. Most of the times, we go and meet them, interact with them. It almost feels like a family to them and us.

There are not many old people living in our society, mostly because many of them have settled in with their kids. But, we do interact with the older folks that live with us. Especially during the evening walks.

What do the people in your community do for recreation?

Most of the people in our society, go either for walk or gym for recreation. But, then there are some who go out and play badminton in the court as part of recreation while others prefer playing with kids.

Would you like to raise your children in a community like yours? Why or why not?

Definitely yes. Yes, I think the best part of my community is that we all stay together and yet stay separate. So, there is no hindrance of privacy but then in moments of happiness and sadness we all get together and I think this is very important for a child to grow well. Because, until he or she does not knows how to interact with people of different age group, the child does lacks things that help in future.

Does your community have meetings?

Yes, we have the monthly meetings on every fourth Sunday and it is important for every individual of the society to attend the meetings.



IELTS Speaking Sample Questions # Job

There are millions of people out there who do a job for their living. There are even some who love the job they do. This time, we are looking at some of the questions that may be asked to you in the IELTS speaking section related to jobs.

Who do you work for?

Now, while answering this question there are various options available to you.

  • you could be working for a company
  • you could be a freelancer – that means working for lot of them
  • you could, well, have your own company

Let’s look into the possible ways you could answer the question.

  • I work as a Technical Lead in one of the major IT company of our country.
  • I am a writer and apart from having a blog of mine, I take assignments from almost all of the companies that ask for. There are even times, where I have written for newspapers editorial column.
  • Few years back, I did worked for a MNC. But, now, I have started on my own and currently working for myself.
Are you usually busy at work?

This question simply tends to ask as to how tiring your work is and how engaged are you in it during the day.

  • Well, there are certain days which are tightly packed, usually the ones nearing some release of a product. However, once the release is done we do get our share of light days as well.
  • Being a blogger, I think yes, I do have busy days but then it is not a hectic schedule because I tend to decide what needs to be done when.


Do you usually cover for a colleague when he or she is on leave?
  • As part of my job, we are given task on every day basis and no matter there is a single individual or many, we need to finish it and deliver it on that day. So, if there is someone not present, as a team, we all finish the task assigned.
  • Not particularly. Usually, people in our team take planned leaves. So, we all know what is coming up and how to divide the work. But, yes in cases of emergency, I do cover up for colleagues.
Who takes your place when you leave? How do you feel about this?

Most of the time, it our technical analyst that takes up on my  work when I am on leave because she is the who knows in and out of the project. I think it is completely fare to take the work because when she or for that matter someone else is not present, I readily take up the work.

What kind of jobs are you good at?

I really like field jobs. So, the ones where I need to see different locations, meet new people and then work on them on my time are really good for me. The one reason that I really love writing and blogging is because it does gives me all. I get to meet new people, listen to different stories and widen my horizon.

Can you tell me about your boss? What kind of a person is he / she?

Now, there are two things about this question. Either your boss could be good or not. If he or she is good, great. In case he or she is not, try not to make the answer too negative, because that will put on negative light, something you really don’t want.

  • I have had a privilege of working with a great boss. He was one of the best mentors I have got in a very long time. Not only he understands the strengths of everyone of us in team, he knows when he has to push our limits and when he needs to motivates us. I think more than a boss, he is a true leader.
  • I have been working as a blogger for a very long time now. However, I do get some assignments from people who are quite rude or sometimes weird. But, I think in all of those cases my work has helped me out. Ultimately, if they like the work there is not much they can say.
Have you ever had any serious problems at work?

I remember once, there was a senior in our office and he had a image of being a Casanova. We had heard lot of stuff about him and when he became the lead of our team, he did tried those tactics on a team member. Obviously, it did not directly effect me. But the person was my junior and since she confronted me, I had to fight for her. The task was quite risky because she did not wanted to ruin things for herself and then the pressure of working well, started increasing. I think during that period, we all as a team came up together and finally helped our team member.The fact that something like this happen was quite disturbing for me.

Have you ever had any serious problems at work?

My father is a government employee and gets a really good salary and other facilities. My mother is a home maker and I respect the work both of them do. But, for me, confining myself into four walls or a particular organization is really hard. Also, working under someone, taking orders, is not the kind of deal I would like to put myself on to. I will prefer working as a freelancer or better have my own company.


IETLS Cue Card # Open-Air Market

Describe an open-air market which you enjoyed visiting.
You should say:
• where the market is
• what the market sells
• how big the market is
And explain why you enjoyed visiting this market.

open market Cue Card IELTS Band7

open market Cue Card IELTS Band7

Sample Answer:

In this fast-paced world where more and more people are turning to online shopping, open-air markets seem to have lost their popularity. But, I come from a small town in which such markets are still quite popular. Today, I am going to talk about a well-known bazaar that I loved visiting.
It is called Sunday Market. Every weekend local shopkeepers set up their stalls in a huge ground that covers an area of about 4 square kilometers, making it one of the biggest open-air markets in my state, Punjab. This place has a lot to offer to shoppers. The main items sold in the market include traditional seasonal clothes, shoes, utensils, bed sheets, duvets and blankets etc. Some stalls sell fresh fruits, pulses, spices, herbs and vegetables as well.
I visited this market last year. I felt that it was a great place to shop at. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming there. Not only the products were of high quality but their prices were very reasonable too. There was plenty of space for people to walk and shop. This matters a lot in my country because some markets can be overcrowded at times, making it almost impossible to move.
Normally, buyers in open-air markets don’t have the privilege to return any purchased items, but to my surprise, shopkeepers were encouraging people to buy what they wanted and return it later if there was a problem. The best thing about this market was that the facilities such as toilets and car-parking were well-maintained. All in all, this market had everything which customers require. (263 Words)

IELTS Band 7 Dehradun
323,GMS Road, Above Axis Bank,
Near Ballupur Chowk, Dehradun , India – 248001
Note-:Sunday Off
Website- :
phone icon08439000086, 08439000087, 07055710002,

IELTS Speaking Part 3 Sample Questions # New Year

It has been 16 years since the new century has begun and we have embarked on a journey for new year. This time let has have a look at some questions that could be asked in PART 3 of IELTS Speaking. Remember, this is the section when you need to explain your answers and not just give one liners.

How do most people celebrate New Year in your country?

According to the Hindus, the new year is on the first day of Chaitra i.e. the month of April. People visit temples, greet each other and pray for a healthy, wealthy and prosperous life. Above all, seeking blessing from religious places on this day holds an additional significance. But, with the globalization, most people celebrate the new year on 1 January i.e. according to Gregorian calendar. On this day, many people go out with family and friends to parties, dance and enjoy.

New Year

Do you believe New Year is a day to be celebrated?

New year is a surely a day to celebrate, an occasion when one could give themselves another chance. Although, this can happen on any other day, but a new year surely brings with it new hopes. However, in my opinion, there can be many ways in which people could celebrate their new year, not necessarily with friends and family. I believe, if one things that they like to celebrate the new year while working it is as perfect as someone choosing to party.

Do you take resolutions in New Year? How many of them do you follow?

Yes I do believe in resolutions and take them. As young I used to take resolutions that were not that meaningful or above the board. Leaving me frustrated on not having completed them. However, with time, I have realized that it is more about taking practical resolutions. For me, they are the goals that I set for myself in a year and I do stick with them through thick and thin.

Is there anything you would like to carry from the last year to the new one?

Well, surely there are lot of things that I wish remain same this year as well. It was last year that I made a truly good nice friend. He has been my first male friend and I wish to have him by my side for many more years to come. Then, there is a goal that I have set for myself last year. I wish to carry forward it this year as well and do nice work. Even more, I have realized that I have become much more positive and wise over the last year. I wish I am even more wiser and positive about life this year.

What is your opinion on having to work on New Year’s Day?

I believe New year means new beginning and it is more of about letting go of the earlier bad habits and carry the good ones. So, having to work is not an issue for me and I believe if one has to there should not be much of problem. However, it is also a good idea to take a leave from work during the end of the year till New year actually begins. After all, it is a festive season, one can celebrate a good time with their family and friends.


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