IELTS Speaking # Importance Of Friends

Friends are the people who we share our lives with, they are the ones who get to know us more than anyone else. We spend our time with them, laugh with them and often cry together. Friends are those who we need in our lives. Let us to

What makes friends different from family?

Friends are those people in life that you share a different bond because they are just like you.  There problems are same and most of the times you share the same problem. The characters in the story are same and it is different from family. People in family are the ones who come back to when everything falls back. They are the ones who know you before you knew yourself. There is so much more attachment with them.

What qualities do you think are important in a friend?

A person to be my friend has to be trust worthy and that is it. I want people whom I can trust to be my friends. If there is someone whom I cannot trust, there is no point in being with them even for a second.

What is a friend?

A friend is a person who can share your life with. You can tell the silliest of your worries to, he or she is the person, you need not to pretend in front of. There you are and he or she knows exactly that and yet chooses to be your side.

What things should friends never do?

I think a friend should never betray behind the back. So, if there is a friend and he or she talks behind back things that are not good or does not trusts his friend for the things that he or she does, or for that matter hides things from his friends, there is no point of the other person calling him a friend.

importance of friends

Has a friend ever let you down?

Yes, I remember there was a friend of mine and I told her about my trip and all the fun that I had. By that time I had not told my parents about me going solo to that trip but my friend instead of asking me to tell my parents, just went on telling them about it. I don’t know what she wanted to portray and I am very sure if it was all positive, but it did hurt me, because she directly contacted my parents without asking me.

Have you made any friends over the Internet?

Not really. But, there have been people whom I knew as an acquaintance in real life but we became friends over the internet.

How often do you write to them?

My job is such that it requires lot of time and patience and it is very difficult to stay in touch with everyone I come across. But, the people I have met and been friends on Facebook, I tend to write whenever I get time or when I feel that there has been a lot of gap between us.

Why do you like your best friend?

There is no reason when you love someone, right! Why we have stuck with each other is because we both love each other company. There are times when we fight, when we yell at each other, sometimes we even stop talking with each other but then we know that we are, we are there for each other and that feeling, feeling of being at home even when you are far away, is what makes me love her.

Where is a good place to meet new friends?

If someone really wants to meet new friends, I think the best place should be any group or club, because there you meet like-minded people. People who share the same worries as you and the troubles just like you and then you need not to spend extra time or figure out a plan to be with them. You are just two busy people trying to improve your life.

Where is a good place to meet a new boyfriend/girlfriend?

I think the best place would be a group or a club, yet again. Because, it provides you a basic common ground to interact and that is very important. Or you can just go about and join some social cause. It is when you fall in love with yourself, that you start falling in love with others as well.

Do you think it is possible to have a best friend of the opposite sex without becoming a girlfriend or boyfriend?

Definitely yes. Because you know the other person, you have shared their sorrow and no one in this world can understand you better than him or her. Making love with that person is so much more easier and comfortable because then you grow with each other. But then it is not a compulsion as well. You can just be friends with some one and fall in love with someone else.

Do you think it would be possible for you to still be friends with an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend?

No, I don’t think so. For me, having my heart broken, I don’t think so I can ever be friends with someone I had shared some intimate moments. Obviously, we can remain as acquaintances, I can help the other person or just have a coffee if we step in the café together but making attempts for a meeting or sharing life, I don’t think so it is possible.


IELTS Speaking Sample Questions # Friendship

Friends are the people in our lives whom we need to share our lives, to share our joys, our sorrows. They are the people who we need the most in times of trouble. The people who understand us and are just like us. The ones who are with us in every crazy thing that we do and support us in every glut we fall ourselves into.

Are there any famous stories of friendship in your culture?

There is a very popular story of friendship between Krishna (the Lord) and Sudama. Sudama was from a poor family while Krishna belonged to a royal one. Despite the differences in their financial condition, both of them enjoyed each others company. Over the years they loose contact and Krishna becomes the leader or the king of Dwarka while Sudama remains humble. There comes a time in Sudama’s life when he is very poor and is not able to feed his family. Then, his wife reminds  him of their friendship. Though reluctant to go and meet him, Sudama goes and brings along beaten rice with him as gift. Krishna not only welcomes him with both hand but even without him asking, give him all the riches.

Can you describe one of your closest friends.

Over the years, I have the pleasure to be with some amazing people, one of them is Vipula Badoni. She is my closest friend and an amazing person. She is one of those sweetest people you would meet and would never talk harshly to anyone. Ever ready to help people, she is a doctor and very caring about her patients and family as well. No matter how little we are able to meet each other, whenever there is a trouble or joy, we both contact each other first.

Do you have any childhood friendships that are still strong today?

It won’t be very old, but I have a friend who has been with me since we were in high school. So, it is almost a decade that we have known each other. It is amazing that physically we have been together with each other only for two years but it is only when we separated our ways that we even came closer.


Do you have any long distance friends?

Most of my friends are long distance. My job requires me to travel a lot and so it is very difficult for me to stay in touch with people I know and I love, so we are almost always connected with each other either using our phones or letters. But, it is amazing since, whenever we meet, it is always like we met just yesterday.

How do you keep in touch with your long-distance friends?

We are connected with each other on either social media or on phone. There are even some friends of mine who I am connected with using letters. Yes, there is a friend of mine who does not like talking either on phone or social media. For her, I prefer writing letters and it is very beautiful. Because, every month we both wait for each others letters.

How often do you see your long-distance friends?

There are some friends of mine I have not seen for as long as I think five years. But those of my friends who live near my parents house and come during festivals, we get to meet each other every year.

Do you think it is a good idea to borrow money from a friend? Why or why not?

I am not a very big supporter of borrowing money, either from friend or family or for that matter anyone else. But, in cases of emergencies, I think it is not a bad idea to borrow money from a friend. But, it should be kept in mind that the money has to be returned as soon as possible. Because, often people tend to get worried in financial affairs.

Do you make friends easily?

If you say, people whom I can hang out with and interact here and there, yes I can do that very easily. But, then there are few people in my life who are very close to me and know me inside out. So, for the general interaction, yes I do make friends easily but for the intimate details about me, I tend to share it with only a few..


IELTS Speaking Sample Answer # Generation Gap

We all grow up and we do in a different environment, so the way you grew up is completely different from the way your parents did and then it is completely different from the way your children will grow. This difference often makes people think in different way, and today let us have a look at some of the questions related to generation gap.

What is a generation gap?

Generation gap is the difference in the thought process of how people think and perceive things. So, there might be a generation gap between a parent and a child and even between two friends, because one might think in the present, the other in future.

Have you ever felt a generation gap with your friends?

There are some people in my life, with whom I do not totally agree with. Most of the times they believe in something my parents are more likely to believe, while I tend to disagree. But, this is something that happens on a few occasions. Most of the times the people who are very close to me, tend to in the same line as me.

How do you over come the generation gap?

The only way that people can overcome generation gap is when we stop thinking about it like that. We need to understand that their are two different individuals and they can think in any way that they want to. And more importantly, everyone should understand that the time is changing and the best way to remain updated is by being with time.

When do you feel the generation gap the most?

I feel it the most with my relatives, not even my  parents. Because my parents tend to understand my opinion, but with relatives they are more likely to just pass their judgement without understanding why I am thinking and in those situations, there is not much that I can say.

Is it possible to overcome a generation gap?

Yes, I think with a little understanding that times have changed and the generation gap is nothing but the comparison that people make of time.

At what point in life does the generation gap seem to be the largest?

When we are teenagers, I believe that is the time when generation gap seem to be the largest. Because, teenagers are going through lot of changes in their lives and they are discovering themselves, so it seems as if someone trying to tell you the right, is not able to understand you.

Do you think you can be a better parent than your own parents in future?

I am not very sure of it because I believe my parents have done an incredible job at growing us. With me, I think let time and situation speak of that.

Do you think it is OK to date or marry someone of a different generation to yourself, either older or younger?

Marriage is more about love. So, if someone can find love in a different generation, one should go ahead with it.

generation gap

Do you think your generation’s fight is similar to your parents generation’s fight?

I think too an extent it is different because the situation is different, the circumstances are different. We are living in a world of internet where there is so much happening. But, when you look at a deeper level, I believe we are fighting the same fight. The one of making a great career and then finding love and in the hustle between the two, figuring out what we  truly want from our lives.

When did you first become an adult in your mind?

I remember reading archies comics during my college days and I was inspired by this girl, Betty. She is an amazing character, who does find a balance between love and career and I realized that I need to do something of that sort. So, I took a job and it was when then that I started realizing that at the end we all are individuals responsible for our lives. I started forgiving people better and understanding myself more. It was then that I felt, may be I have become an adult.

When is an age gap beneficial, and when is it a hindrance?

I think when you want to seek advice over something, age gap is beneficial because people older to you have seen much more world and you can get to know a completely different perspective than yours. But, it becomes hindrance, when the older person tries to completely put on their advice to the younger with little or no choice in the younger counterpart to take decision.

Can you talk to your parents about everything?

I think almost. In recent years, I have become much more open to them and tend to talk to them more like a friend, than simply parents.


IELTS Speaking # Achieving Goals

There are so many goals that we all have in our lives and so much that we want to achieve. But, how much are we able to achieve and how much are we able to strive for achieving goals. Let us today have a look at some of the questions related to the success people get in achieving their goals.

Who is successful in your family? Why?

In my family, I think it is my father who is the most successful person. He was thrown out of the company he worked hard for, had to work in a company that gave him very less income and yet has managed to build a house and children that are now independent to be able to live their dreams. I believe it is success, because when we compare the circumstances, the ones that my father has gone through, I don’t think any one else in my family might have survived them so well.

Tell me about a goal that you achieved for yourself.

I remember few years back I had decided for myself that I will never drink tea and since then I have never even tasted it. It was a big thing for me because I had been addicted to tea and needed it every hour. Leaving it completely was a big step that I took and I am glad that I have been able to fulfill it.

What success have you had in an English class? 

I remember when I was in class 6th, we had our half yearly exams and in the question paper of English there were questions only from between the chapter. During those days I was in love with English and would go on reading the chapter many a times. It was becaseu of this that I was almost thorough with the chapter. When everyone was worried about passing the exam, I had scored 94 in it. It was a great moment for me because it came as unexpected for so many.

Do you believe that people must work hard to become successful? Why or why not?

Definitely yes. Nothing worthwhile has ever been achieved without hard work. Although there are people who believe that successful people are the lucky ones, in my opinion luck is nothing but hard work. There are people who practice their moves several thousand times, print an article after writing 20 drafts. What one gets through luck might just be a chance.

Can you think of a successful person from your own county? What do they do? How do you think they did it?

Narendra Modi, the prime minister of our country is the most successful person I can think of. He started his career as a tea vendor, selling tea across, with minimal education he went on to become the most powerful person in our country. He spoke in an interview once, that he really works hard with waking up early to getting asleep at late night and he has done it several times in his life before achieving what he did.

 Achieving Goals

What kind of success do you want in the future in your life?

I simply want to be able to open a company that gives equal and quality education to masses. I want that people are able to live their lives have dreams and succeed irrespective of the financial condition in which they are born.

What can you do now to be successful in the future?

The best thing anyone can do now, is to focus on now. There are people who wonder about future and make plans for the future but they forget that the most important thing is present. So, anyone who wants to be successful in the future must give high importance to the present, giving ones best to the present.

Do you think that money and fame means success?

It depends on the individual. If we look at our success from others point of view, it might mean but if we look at it from our own perspective, success is never about fame or money, it is about being able to do what you decided to do, to be able to fight the odds that one faced and to be able to win the toughest fight, the one within.


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