Importance Of Exercise # Cue Card

Cue Card – Speaking part-2


  • What kind of exercise do you do?
  • When do you exercise?
  • How do you feel after exercise?

I believe that no one in this world can deny the importance of exercise, whether it is yoga or cycling or jogging. I think that people who do daily exercise tend to live a healthier life.

Exercising is very important for me. I make it a point that I am able to do it on regular basis. I usually do cycling in the morning for an hour, although I sometimes even prefer jogging. There are even days when it is raining and in those days I mostly do yoga. The point is I make sure that I am doing some or the other form of exercise daily in the morning.

Sometimes it become quite tough for me to do exercise in the morning. In those days, I usually take a stroll in the evening in a nearby park.

Exercising always helps to begin the day on a fresh note. I feel as if the entire day gets perfectly scheduled if I exercise. I am a writer and for most of the times I am sitting and typing. Exercising helps me to give my body the required time and also often I get great ideas during exercise. It seems as if it just provides me the right adrenaline rush. And I think that every individual must exercise daily.


IELTS Speaking Sample Questions # Patience

Patience is the key to success. There are people who believe that waiting for the right thing to happen is the best thing to do, when you don’t want to lose everything. While there are even some who believe that it is the desperation to do things that help people to be successful in life. This time we are looking at some questions related to patience that can be asked in the IELTS speaking section.

What do you think patience is?

Patience, I think is a quality of an individual who knows the work he or she does and also is aware of their own potential. A person who does not possess either of these things, can get frustrated by not getting any results. For example, a business man may know rightly when the next opportunity will strike or even, a right analysis of the opportunity in hand.

Do you think patience is important?

I think definitely yes. Patience according to me is someone’s stubbornness of not falling down or losing hope. It is not about waiting for something to happen, but rather of not allowing the unnecessary to take a toll of life. So yes, definitely it is important.

Do you think patience is important part of being polite?

In my opinion, politeness is not about the tone of your speech but also what you say. So, if I very calmly ask you to get lost, it is still rude. But, then too an extent, yes patience does help in being polite. So, a person who is patient enough to listen to the other person, is more likely to have a better understanding of the others opinion.

Would you say you are a patient person?

Well, I am a patient person in parts. So, there are some things I can wait for but then there are things that just make me go mad. And for them, I am not at all patient. Overall, I think I am not a very patient person, but I am trying to be one.

Have you ever lost your patience?

Well, there have been times I do lose my patience, but it is after a certain threshold. So, recently I lost my patience at my house. I was working on the staircase late night and when I came down to have a sleep my flatmates had already shut the door. I did understood their point of view but the next morning when I tried to knock again, no one opened. That moment I did lose my patience because I had not slept the entire night and was dying to sleep. So,I banged the door several times.

What do you become impatient about?

Mostly, I do get impatient when I am doing some work that I don’t like much but because of it I am not able to do things that I love. So, for example, there are days when I get stuck with my 9 to 5 job but then I don’t get time to meet my friends or write for my blogs. These things make me very impatient.


IELTS Speaking Sample Questions # Chocolates

There is nothing better than an amazing desert after that lovely dinner you had. Sweets do form a very important part of our lives and no matter whether we are crazy about them or not, we do like to have a small amount of it either ways. But, then there are some people who prefer chocolate when compared to other type of sweets. This time let us have a look at some sample questions related to chocolate?

Do you like sweets or chocolates?

Frankly speaking, I do have a sweet tooth and I love everything from sweets to chocolates and then candies, kulfi, almost everything that has sugar in it. But, I think out of sweets and chocolates, I will prefer, chocolates. The only reason being the fact that they are so easy to carry and so easily available. I never have to wait to get rid of the chocolate craving. Even more, when I do burst out, it is the chocolate that helps me.

What’s your favourite flavour of ice cream?

I love orange flavor in ice creams,  especially the ones that you can buy for 10 bucks. There is nothing better for me than having to sip the ice cream for every drop of that flavor and the tension of eating it before it melts. The fun that I do get when making those funny noises and teasing friends that makes eating the ice cream fun.

How often do you eat chocolate?

Well, I do eat chocolate whenever I do feel like. On days when I am extremely happy, I do buy and share it with my friends. When I am sad, I prefer eating chocolates and relaxing myself.

Is chocolate popular in your country?

Chocolates are definitely popular in our country. They are a way of celebrating love and friendship. So, whenever someone wants to thank the other person or express love, mostly people do offer chocolates. There are some teachers who do offer chocolates to the kids for working well.

When was the first time you ate chocolate?

Well, I have had so many chocolates, i really don’t remember exactly when I had my first chocolate. But, once my brother got a Bournville and I was very young and he asked me to taste it. I think that was the first time I tasted a dark and expensive chocolate. Although, I did not liked it back then it is surely my favourite chocolate.

Why do people like chocolate?

I think people love chocolates because they make you feel good. Chocolates have theobromine that help keeping the heart good and makes the person happy.

Is chocolate good for our health?

Excessive of anything is definitely bad. But, when taken in right amounts, I think yes chocolate is surely good for health. It not only keeps the heart good but also keep people focussed on work.

Have you ever given chocolate as a present to someone? Why?

Oh! I have given chocolate to so many people as present. So, every time I have to present someone who don’t know personally, instead of giving something bizzare I prefer giving the other person a chocolate. I think chocolates are the easiest gifts that you can give to some one because most people tend to like them.



IELTS Speaking Latest Questions # Shopping

The third section of IELTS speaking i.e. the discussion section is where you will be asked more general questions. The answers to these questions need to be complete and not simply one or a two liner. This time we are looking at some questions that were recently asked in IELTS speaking third section related to shopping.

Do you believe shopping is more popular than it was in the past?

With globalisation and factors like advertisement and media improvement, definitely yes, shopping has become more popular than it ever was!! But, I think the due credit does goes to the shopping malls and the fancy ads or the display of lives of public figures. People want to look or behave a certain way and shopping surely helps. With the coming of credit cards, it has become so much more easier for people to buy things that they want, no matter they can afford it or not.

Do you think shopping affects our society positively or negatively?

Anything done under limits is always good. So, shopping surely is a positive thing when it is done in limits. It only worsens when people start doing it for show off or to become someone like. So, a person who is shopping for some change of clothes or to buy things required, is doing well for the mental health of himself or herself. However, someone doing excessively merely to show off is affecting the society because others follow soon.

How does advertisement affect our shopping trends?

Advertisement have a very major impact on our shopping trends. With people leading a busy life, most people take decisions very fast. So, if there are ten companies trying to sell a particular product, the one with the best ad is surely going to take away the maximum customers. The bigger impact is, ads often elude people in buying things they might not necessarily need. So, for example, a person with mattress may go and buy a new one because there seem to be more benefits in the new one.

What kind of shops do teenagers like in your country?

We are living in a world where people are so different and that shows off right from the teenage years. So, there are some teenagers in our country that love to shop for clothes or the new video games. But, then there are even some, who love books and you would find them grounded in book shops. Overall, most teenagers in our country and mugged up in books with little time left for other activities.

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