Cue Card # interesting news

IELTS Speaking latest cue card 2016.

Describe an interesting news about which people were very excited
You should say:
• what the story was
• who was involved in the story
• where you read or heard about this story
• And explain why this news story was interesting to you.

Sample Answer One:

I read the newspaper regularly. Today, I’m going to talk about a latest news that was exciting for many people.
The story was about India’s biggest test victory outside Asia. The Indian cricket team thrashed West Indies by an innings and 92 runs in the first test match. This was a challenging match as the opponents are known for their record breaking runs in test cricket.
I think this win was particularly crucial for the Indian team to prove their potential as the team was playing with a new coach. Apart from that, there were many young players who were participating in their first international test match. The result of this match was an achievement for the whole team and the nation.
Since cricket is a very popular sport in my hometown, almost everyone in my neighborhood was talking about this match. I found it fascinating because cricket is my favorite sport and I am the captain of my school team. We have played many state and national level matches. In the future, I want to be a part of the Indian cricket team so that I can bring laurels to my country. This thumping victory was very motivating and encouraging to me because I am a bowler and bowlers can be the game changers in this unpredictable game.


Sample Answer Two: (Writer: Akshay Tomar)

The other day I was browsing through the internet, when I read an article on some mind-blowing facts about Indian railways.
The article was about the maiden journey of Indian railway that was on April/16/1853 between Mumbai n Thane and its glorious history. Though, one theory suggests as per the archives of IIT Roorkee’s report on the Ganga Canal (1860) first train ran between Roorkee and Piran Kaliyar on Dec/22/1851.
The article was extensively covering about the history of India railways, as well some amazing facts were shared…… Indian railway has world’s fourth longest railway network, daily more than 23 million people travel with Indian rails. A train by the name “Fairy Queen” was certified by Guinness World Record as the world’s oldest steam locomotive in regular operations, in the year 1998. Under construction Chenab Railway Bridge, in the state of Jammu and Kashmir is expected to be one of the highest railway bridge when completed. As well four of the Indian railway sites have been declared “world heritage site” by UNESCO, they are Darjeeling year 1999, Mumbai CST Building 2004, Neelgiri Mountain Railways 2005, Kalka Shimla Railway 2008.
Throughout the years that I have spent in my country I never realized that we have such a glorious past in the terms of Indian railway and this article certainly makes me proud of my country and its accomplishments.(228 Words)


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IELTS Speaking 2017 Questions # Career Choice

The first section of IELTS speaking is all about yourself. This makes it the easiest of all the sections. There have been so many times we have talked about questions related to career or your job that could be asked in the IELTS speaking part I. This time we bring to you the latest questions that were asked in speaking section related to job/career. Notice, the difference in the pattern of questions asked.

Are you a student or are you working?

I am working for an organisation presently which offers IT services to other companies. My work requires writing codes that help in analysing data and creating trends. We are constantly dealing with the changing data and handling it, making the applications user friendly and our job easier as well.

I am currently studying English Literature  in Jadavpur University, Calcutta. It is truly one of the best and has helped me in understanding the language in a better way. The faculties are fantastic and I have truly gained so much from this experience.

In case you answer you are at a job –

What is your current job?

I am helping an organisation provide IT services to other companies. We work on data provided by our clients and help them understand the trend of the data. This helps them in making better decisions for their business allowing it to grow at a faster pace.

How do you feel about the job?

Most people look for their career growth in the job, but I am learning how to work right now. How do business deals happen, what are the factors that cause failure and understanding the psychology of people. And my job helps me a lot in this because it requires me to interact with other people. People who change their opinions and with that we have to change quickly. If we talk about work, it is not something I love to do but then learning how to make things happen, I think it will help in later in life.

Are you planning to change the job in future?

Definitely yes. I am constantly looking for my true expression and would love to do that. Like, Oprah did what was her truest expression and I want that for myself as well.

In case you answer you are a student –

Which course are you studying?

I am studying English Literature. So, our syllabus is all about reading the literature of great women and men from all over the world. For first two years, we read books by great authors. Then, we had a semester of writing. So, we wrote a lot, on different topics and themes. This semester we are working on slogans and reports and making documentaries. After this, I have two more semesters to go.

Do you like the course?

I love the course. As a kid, I always was fond of English literature and when everyone was bothered about getting marks, it was a subject I studied for pure fun. So, doing a major in English is like having a paid vacation.

What do you wish to do with the education that you gained?

I have always loved English and Math. I am not exactly sure as to what I would love to do with the education that I have now on English and Math but certainly a mixture of both is something I am looking forward to. So, an opportunity where I can use my communication skills, my math knowledge and the English writing is what I am looking for. I don’t want to fit into a box of certain ideas, I would prefer being in a box but the one that I made.


IELTS Speaking 2017 Questions # Wildlife

We humans have a tendency to think only about ourselves. When faced with dogma on whether we should do something for our profits or should we do the right, we often take the profitable path. And with choosing the fruitful path we have sacrificed a lot. One of them is our wildlife. This time let us have a look at some of the questions on wildlife.

Do you think people should protect wildlife?

Definitely yes, protecting wildlife is not just about our responsibility but also about ensuring life is good for us. We are living in a planet where any imbalance effects the entire living beings. So, disparity in the nature ultimately impacts us. The food chain gets disturbed and our existence comes into question. What most people do not understand is that we exist because of wildlife and harming it, in turns harms us as well.

What impact do you think human actions have caused on wild life?

Human actions have disturbed the wild life. We have destroyed their home i.e. jungles and oceans. Not only this, in so many ways we have taken away from them their food. Like, extinction of one species does impacts the other which used to feed on it. Apart from this, human have so many times went on to kill animals for the sake of hunting. Our advancement in the field of science and technology, has led us to emit gases and cause pollution that has impacted the entire flora and fauna.

Why are animals important to us?

I am not an animal lover but the reason I think they are important is because they help in maintaining balance in life. So, if their no more lions there will be lot of deer and that will in turn imbalance the food chain. We being the highest at it will surely have to face the consequence. Apart from wild animals, the pets do help us psychologically.

Can you list a few items that are made from animals?

Well, there are so many. All the leather items are made from the skin of animals. Be it bags or belts or sometimes even clothes. There are even jackets and winter wears made from the fur of the animals. Surprisingly, nail polishes and perfumes are also made from some parts of animals.


IELTS Speaking 2017 Questions # Resolutions

We often taken decisions and resolutions or make goals. Some people make quick decisions while other take time. Then there are some who take advice from others before they make decisions while there are even people who prefer taking decision on their past experiences. This time we are looking at the recent questions asked in the third section of IELTS speaking on resolutions and how one takes them.

How do you usually make decisions?

Decisions are never always life changing. There are so many decisions that we make. With the usual everyday decisions, I take them instantly without much of thought. If 5 out of 10 things work out because of it, I go with it. But, for the important decisions that ones that I take rarely, I mostly take advice from others. But, then ultimately talk it out with myself. Most of the times, I know what I really want.

Do you ask for advice when making decisions?

Yes, I do ask for an advice. Because, when people give advice they share their experiences. And it makes decision making quite simpler. Like, recently I asked a friend if I should buy a iPhone or not and she told me her experiences of having it. I ultimately decided that what she did not liked about the phone like single sim, does not bothers me. But, what she felt is okay, like camera, is important for me. So, with advice I don’t look for the decision that I should take rather the experiences others have had.

Whom advice do you usually take?

Mostly I take my father’s and best friend advice. It is not because they have the most experience of life. But, I think they are the two people who would give their best advice to make sure I take the right decision. And so their advice is not just practical or what seems right, but also what seems right for me.

What characteristic should a public person have to make decisions?

The most important thing that a person especially a public person needs to make decisions is experience. The more he or she knows about the not working things, the better decisions he or she will take. Also, they should be ready to try new things out. Sometimes what did not worked for a particular situation does work out for a similar one in later years. I think it is also very important for the person to know when to stand by the decision and when to roll back.

Has it become more difficult to make public decisions with the introduction of new technologies?

I think definitely yes. With the coming of internet and smart phones, every decision that a VIP takes comes under scrutiny very soon. So, before the decision gets implemented everyone has already passed their judgement on. This does makes taking decisions harder. For example, when Narendra Modi decided to go with demonetisation, he could see the exact results of it on his phone. People posted on twitter and Facebook their opinion on it. Reading thousands of opinion on one decision does makes it tough call.

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