IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer # Important Email

We are living in this digital world with almost everyone  having an email account. We all are connected with our family, friends and the people we either work for or in some way are connected. In today’s era, almost every information, comes on mail and there are certain things which are really important for us. So, for example, it could be the first job letter, your winning game article or for that matter anything. Let us today have a look at a cue card that talks about an important email that a person got.

Describe an important email you have received.
You should say:

  • who sent it to you.
  • when you got it.
  • what was it about

and explain why this email was important to you.

Sample Answer One

There are so many websites that I subscribed to and there are so many mails that I get ever day but I remember, having receiving a mail about my selection for the Gartner.Inc. It was truly an amazing feeling because it meant I would be able to work with the best company providing BI services and it also meant I had proved my mark.

I can clearly recall, I was sitting on my couch with my laptop in hand and working over a new assignment that I had got and meanwhile something just struck me. I went to my mail and started scrolling the mails. The mail that I got was of the previous day and it said that I need to sign some documents and then some other formalities before I could go and start my work at Gartner.

The reason it was very important for me because I had truly worked for it, sacrificing lot of things that people of my age were doing. There were times when I felt exhausted and the other times when I just did not had anyone to talk to. On receiving the mail, I first called my parents and they were proud and I was happy. Finally, I could work on something that was creative.
important email

Sample Answer Two

I am a travel blogger and for someone who has been into the business of blogging knows that initially it is really tough job. There are days, months when one is just giving his or her best and working on the blog, putting content and yet does not receives any money. I remember, when I started my own travel blog, it took me around six months before I started getting some decent amount of money with which I could make some other plans as well.

It was some time back and I was sitting on my couch, completely exhausted over a particular post trying to figure out something and worried about paying my bills. The landlord had come to my house sometime back asking for the rent and I had nothing to give. For the first time in years, I had really questioned my job and my decision to become an entrepreneur.

Lost in my thoughts, I opened my mail account and there was this mail from Google. Initially I thought, it must be some random mail but later on when I started reading it, it was the mail regarding the number of viewers on my site and Google has decided to finally pay me for the services that I was doing and it was a check of 70000 rupees.

In a time when I did not had money, when I could not even think of surviving, when I had started questioning my dreams and my decisions, the mail was an assurance that I was on right path and that I am meant to be successful and that the only thing that I need to take care of is my work.

An important lesson learnt and a faith reassured, it was that mail that changed my life and helped me become what I did become.


IELTS Cue Card: Describe a mistake you made

Here is latest cue card question December 2016. IELTS Band9 level answer

Describe a mistake you made

  • what the mistake was
  • when you made it
  • why you made it
  • And explain how it affected you.
Sample Answer

To err is human. Today, I’m going to talk about a mistake I made when I was in 6th class.

One day my sister was quite unwell. She was suffering from fever. There was only one doctor in my village and there were no mobile phones at that time. The only way to call the doctor was to send someone to fetch him. Unfortunately, my father had gone somewhere.  My mother asked me to go to the doctor. Since it was quite cold and dark outside, I told her that I would fetch the doctor tomorrow.

In the night my sister’s condition deteriorated, her fever was touching the mark of 104-105 degree Fahrenheit. She started murmuring. That was the most difficult time for me and my mummy. I was cursing myself. If I had gone to the doctor on time, my sister would not have been in this situation.
I made this mistake without realizing that I was making a mistake. I was a child and I had no idea about how high fever can be life threatening for someone.

This incident affected me a lot. With God’s grace and my mother’s efforts, my sister survived. But, her complete recovery took a long time. Now, I am much more careful about health and I never ignore any kind of health problems.


IELTS Speaking Cue Card # Stress

Describe a stressful day at work. 
You should say –

  • how the day started
  • how things went wrong
  • who were the people who were involved

Why was it stressful?

There are so many days that are stressful when I am not able to understand why things are the way they are and why am I not able to do things. Although, often these days very soon get replaced by much brighter day, I remember one particular day that started off with great promises but turned out to be a one kind of a hell, when I just couldn’t respond to anything.

I woke up at around 5, did go to jogging and by 7 started off my work. I worked till 9 in the morning on my blog and then got ready to reach office. On reaching office, I started working on the project and when at around 1, someone just told that there is some work that needs to be done and I am responsible for it. So, just when I was about to go for my lunch, I had to I had to wait and do the work. The work got completed by 2:20 and I had to go to the training from 2:45 to 5:30.


In between, there were calls from family and friends and I could not pick them up. Not only was I exhausted but when I thought that I would go out and relax with my friends, I met some rude and upset faces. It took such a long time to make them believe that I was truly busy, but the sour remained. It was that day, when I was left alone, completely exhausted by work and with no one to comfort me.

By the end of the day, I decided to just let go off the feeling and went on to read Archies comics and ended the day, laughing off and having a good night sleep.

Which would you choose: A stressful job with very high pay or a relaxing job with considerably low pay? Why?

I think it would depend on the situation in which I am. So, if I have the money and I am not in an urgent need of it, I would prefer a relaxing job. But, if the choice is given between two jobs out of which one is what I love to do  and the other is not, I would no matter how much stress is there, would go for a job that is close to my heart.

Do you suffer from stress when you have too much work to do?

 Yes, sometimes I do. The most stressful days for me are the ones in which I have to work a lot and then there is no one whom I can talk to or fight with and comfort myself. I believe after every stressful or low moment, there should be a day where one can relax and just recharge oneself to be able to do more work.

How can you judge what is the right amount of stress for you?

There are times when I start crying for no reasons known and in those days I realize that I am stressed very much. Because, I don’t know the exact reason of my agony and it comes out in the form of pain. When things like these start happening at frequent times, I just realize that stress is getting over me. But, then there are times, when I am worried about something and I keep on working and going on about it, because I just am in so much fear of losing. I think stress of that kind is fine because it is very much motivating.

Do you keep your worries a secret from everyone?

Most of the times, yes I do. I don’t like troubling people with my issues but then there are times when things get out of my control and when that happen, I tend to share my sorrows with people who are very close to me. They are either my friends or sometimes I even write about it.


IELTS Speaking Sample Questions # Introducing People

There is so much that needs to be done when you meet a person. You have to introduce yourself to the other person and then there are times when you need to introduce two different people who and make sure that they are able to have a good conversation. Certain things are to be kept in mind and this is something we all do lot of times. Let us today have a look at some of the questions related to introducing people.

The favorite topic for new acquaintances in Britain is the weather, in America it’s where you come from, what is it in your country?

The best way our people start a conversation is by the question,”how are you”? So, from the answers they get the scope for more questions. So, people would like to know about how your family is and how are you liking the place and stuff like that. It is more of personal in our culture.

If you don’t really like this new person how do you finish the conversation and make your escape?

Most of the times I am like, I am sorry but I have got some work and make an escape. Other times, I pretend that there is a urgent call that I need to take and have to leave.

What makes you remember a new person that you have just met? Do you remember them for long?

The only thing that I remember about a new person is their sense of humor. Nothing else. I think it is the best way to grasp someone’s attention. If I meet them regularly, I think I do remember them or may be sometimes, if what they said strikes me,I tend to remember them for a long time.

introducing people

What does your name mean?

I am Avantika and it means queen. Sometimes, it happens that I start feeling as if I am the queen.

What are the customary greetings and behaviors for meeting/greeting someone in your culture?

When we meet new people in our culture, we make sure that we can give them the best of food, because that is very important. Apart from that, we make sure that they don’t face any problem because there is saying in our culture that guest is God and we try to follow it most of the times.

How do you introduce two people to each other?

When introducing two people, I make sure that they both get a common ground on which they are able to interact with each other. Because, simply telling people each others name is of no use unless they don’t have a common ground where they are able to interact with each other and as a host I think it is my responsibility to do that.


When you introduce people do you use their whole names or just first names?

I prefer using their initial names only, it is when in a group of people there are some common names, that I go about telling the full names.

What are the advantages of meeting new people when you move to a new country?

When you meet new people, the best thing is that you get to know about their culture, the way that you can never know when you are. They know the local history, the important places to visit, the areas that are not in the google,  but are there in hearts of people. So, when you interact with them, you get to know that and it is amazing.

What are the first things you notice when you meet someone?

The first thing that I notice about someone when I meet them for the first time is their smile. I think smile is that one thing that is very important for me and if a person does not have a smile that touches my heart, I mostly tend to stop talking or interacting with them.

How important is it to smile when you meet someone for the first time?

Very important. Smile, I believe is the gateway to someone’s heart. It just is so much more positive and pure that it just brings smile onto other person’s face and breaks the ice for further conversation.

Do you like to kiss, shake or bow when you meet a new person?

I prefer shaking hands when I meet the other person. Shaking hands gives me the confidence to carry on the conversation ahead and get to know the other person as well. Also, it is neither to formal or informal. It brings in the feeling of trust and faith and I think that is very important for building a relationship.


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